Dec 30, 2007Archive

That’s how many days I’ve been married! Yesterday it was 17 years! To celebrate, I’m posting an old sonnet I wrote my husband…

The years we’ve journeyed through joy’s wilderness
Have brought us to a place we dared not see
From evergreens and clouds that never rest
To flattened lands where sun beats down on tree

It’s odd to think that such a place so dry
Would sprout in marriage from the loamy earth
An oak whose entwined branches kiss the sky
A testimony of God’s blessed mirth

Now unfamiliar roads we hesitate
By clinging hand to hand, we find new hope
In vista’s new, God’s grace does resonate
By weaving He in us a three-strand rope

Afraid, we do not see love’s twisting trail
Enfolding hearts to His, we will prevail