Restory Show Resurrect: Jules Woodson

Nov 12, 2018Restory Show

Although I’ve stopped production of the Restory Show, from time to time I will bring you interviews as God brings amazing people and their stories my way. Today’s bonus episode features one of those exceptional people and stories–sexual abuse victim advocate Jules Woodson.

This episode does contain triggers. It is not graphic but does involve a sexual abuse story.

After the #metoo movement came about right after Matt Lauer’s predatory behavior came to light, Jules Woodson decided to contact her former youth pastor Andy Savage via email to see if he would acknowledge what happened in 1998 where he sexually assaulted her.

After no response, she shared her story here on January 5th. She thought maybe a hundred people would read it. But hundreds, then thousands, then many, many others read her story. Soon after, Andy admitted publicly that something had occurred, but after his confession that Sunday at High Point Church where he was a pastor, the church stood to their feet, giving him a standing ovation.

News entities from all over the world featured that part of the story, which inevitably led to most of the pastors directly involved (back in 1998 and currently at High Point Church) resigning.

Today’s interview we hear Jules tell her story in her own words. You will hear her heart, her desire to glorify Jesus, and her passion for helping other abuse victims know they are not alone. She gives excellent advice, tells her story honestly (not without tears), and longs to see the church become a safe place for victims of abuse.

This is a story of abuse of power, cover up, shame, silence, and personal devastation. But it doesn’t end there. In classic Restory fashion, God beautifully intervenes, giving Jules strength to tell the truth, face retaliation, and still stand strong.

I pray this episode deeply encourages you.