30 Days of Summer Reads: The Infertility Companion

Jul 17, 2009Write!

The Infertility Companion: Hope and Help for Couples Facing Infertility by Sandra L. Glahn, Th.M. and William R. Cutrer, M.D., Zondervan.

Though I have not personally experienced infertility, I have walked with several friends that have. This book was invaluable in helping me understand the medical, spiritual and emotional issues facing infertile couples. Glahn’s personal story is woven throughout, giving the reader glimpses into the pain of infertility. Cutrer offers the reader practical and sound medical advice, gleaned from years and years of treating infertile couples.

Both grapple with theological questions like “Is infertility a curse from God?” and “Why did God create sex?” Perhaps the most helpful chapter detailed the well-intentioned (but painful) things people say: Just relax. You can have my children for a weekend. If you adopt, you’ll conceive. Just trust God. The latter half of the book deals with the ethics of medical intervention in an honest, non-alarmist way. If you are looking for an infertility manual with heart, pick up this book. If you are longing to love a friend or family member through infertility’s minefield, read it for understanding.