30 Days of Summer Reads: The Grace of Catastrophe

Jul 9, 2009Write!

Thus launches a thirty-day book recommendation spree for those of you who ramp up your reading in the summer months. Enjoy these books!

The Grace of Catastrophe by Jan Winebrenner, Moody Publishers

I opened Jan Winebrenner’s The Grace of Catastrophe while flying over Europe, far above my own catastrophes. Her words of authenticity and raw spirituality gave me hope that someone else had walked the journey I was now stumbling through. Quoting classic authors like A.W. Tozer, Julian of Norwich, John Bunyan and C. S. Lewis, Winebrenner shows that we are all dusty, needy pilgrims who serve an immutable, sovereign God–a God who allows our craziness, welcomes our questions, sees our frailty, and communes with us in the most personal way possible.

Stripping away Christianese and the all-is-well façade Christians sometimes hide behind, Winebrenner offers readers a genuine picture of God-not the easily manipulated deity we’ve become comfortable with, but the wild, holy, loving God of the Bible. Woven throughout are the author’s personal catastrophes as well as those of other pilgrims, backdropped against the grace of God. If you are struggling to understand God in the midst of catastrophe, benefit your soul by buying this book. Grace awaits you.