3 Ways To Be Happy Right Now

Apr 25, 2012Heal from the past

I’ve been floundering lately, feeling a bit lost and tired. I just returned from the Festival of Faith and Writing, have a week off, then will attend the Scorre Conference next week. In the midst of transition, in between projects, and living a bit on fumes, I’m hardly one to share three ways to be happy.

But I want to. I need to.

Because I need to live this way right now. In the moment. And so do you.

How can you be genuinely happy right now? What does it take to turn that frown upside down? Three ways (and when I’m done with this post, I’ll go ahead and practice them.)

  1. Seek out someone to pray for. When we’re in a funk, we tend to forget that others in the world struggle and have pain. Ask today that God would show you one person to intercede for. Then pray. In person if possible, but if not, try praying via text, Facebook, tweet, email. Or call and pray over the phone. Focusing on someone else’s need, connecting with God, and finding space to do that will give you surprising happiness. An excellent, inspiring book about this is Praying for Strangers by River Jordan.
  2. Go outside. When I’m getting particularly self absorbed, tired, or cranky, a walk or run outside changes everything. In fact, I’m pretty sure that today I’m in the doldrums because I didn’t take my morning run. (Oh to be more disciplined! Oh to be like Mike Hyatt! Oh to remember the joys of fresh air and activity!)
  3. Decide right now that God is enough. No, that do-hickey won’t complete you. That job you think you must have to be happy? It won’t ultimately fill you up. A molten chocolate cake? Not as satisfying as you may think (though it comes close!). The perfect marriage? Doesn’t exist. The body you had at 18? Even if you did look like that (which would be weird, probably), how would that satiate you? Remember, anything that you use to fill yourself up other than God will not work. It won’t. Settle that. God is enough. Even if everything were taken from you, He’d still be everything you need. (I wrote a book about that!)

Here’s a worship song that reflects #3. Spend the short time it takes to let the words seep into you. And find true, lasting happiness in the God who loves the whole world, made the whole world, and fills your whole heart.