3-20 Allen Arnold

Jun 26, 2017Restory Show

Allen Arnold is a writer, speaker, storyteller and executive at Ransomed Heart Ministries out of Colorado Springs. His latest book is The Story of With. He used to work at Thomas Nelson fiction (which is where we’ve intersected a time or two).

How Our Stories Intersected

Allen and I met through ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers conference). He received a lifetime achievement award from them a few years back because of his longevity in the publishing industry and his profound love of story. It’s that love of story that really enhanced today’s interview.

In this episode, Allen shares a painful, yet good story of hearing he was making quotas in his job, but he’d lost his team. This one meeting became the impetus for Allen to reconnect with who he was and who he wanted to be. Most profoundly, Allen is learning what it means to be a follower of Christ, a son of a loving God–and that those things matter more than accomplishing endless to-do lists.

[“You are far more than a to-do list. You are a child of God. Hear @thestoryofwith’s story of finally understanding that.”]

As in all my episodes, I pray for you at the end. It’s my sincere hope that you’ll walk away from the Restory Show changed and challenged.

The End

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  1. Susan G.

    Thank you once again Mary, for a great podcast. I enjoyed listening to Allen and his story of how God has changed his life so dramatically in how he now lives. I find I can take something from each podcast and apply it in my own life. So thank you for each and every one of them.