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Jun 19, 2017Restory Show

Anastasia Hansel is a new friend. She’s got an amazing amount of verve and passion. She’s deeply involved in Global Women in Leadership, and she loves to raise money for amazing causes via bike riding and touring. She was married to the late Tim Hansel who authored one of my all time favorite books:

How Our Stories Intersected

Anastasia and I met at Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference this year. There, I learned she grew up in the DRC (Congo), learned French fluently in Belgium, and later moved to the US. She has an amazing story! Currently, she’s raising money for solar powered phone chargers through bike riding. Find out more about that here.

In this episode, Anastasia reminds us all that retirement is an illusion, and that we can constantly be living on the edge of adventure if we dare to. God is never finished with us, no matter how old and wise!

[“An amazing story of resilience and never-give-up. Hear Anastasia Hansel’s passion for missional life in retirement.”]

As in all my episodes, I pray for you at the end. It’s my sincere hope that you’ll walk away from the Restory Show changed and challenged.

The End

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  1. Susan G.

    Wow, thanks for this Mary! Anastasia is really a bundle of energy, and evidently by her own words, a bundle of health. I love how God leads and guides people who love Him and want to serve Him. We really never know what God can do through us!