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Oct 13, 2014Uncaged Podcast

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This week I’m answering 3 of your questions. Here they are:

Here’s a question for you, Mary. It kinda mirrors ‘lisa’s’ question. Throughout my later teens, I was used and betrayed by men, a lot. I searched for love from others and trust in them, only to be hurt time and time again. Once married, even my husband hurt me deeply through betrayal. I find my mind constantly assaulted with negative, suspicious thoughts, something my mother constantly struggled with in regards to my Dad. Before she died, she instilled in me that a man will ALWAYS betray, eventually, as my father certainly did to her. How do I get free of these suspicious thoughts and learn to trust again? Anonymous

Mary did you ever suffer from anxiety? I am having a very difficult time with it. I get very frustrated when anyone mentions being raped. I was and I am trying to get past it. I was at work tonight and someone was watching the news and that’s all i heard about for about 15minutes. I was getting so mad. I don’t know what to do anymore besides trying to use my copeing skills. Healing does not seem to be happening for me. I feel stuck. I pray for help but i can’t get past this phase. I don’t know if you have any answers but if you do can you help me. Thank you. Gloria

I have been in counseling with the same person for the last 1 1/2 years. The basic gist of what happened to me as a child is known, but I haven’t told the story of it in any sort of timeline. It’s all been in pieces. At the beginning I was told that I didn’t have to tell everything right then, that I could take my time and only share what I was comfortable .sharing. How important is it to sit down and tell it from the beginning? Am I just being weird in wanting to tell it in story form instead of in bite sized, out of order bits? If it’s ok to tell it all, then how do I start? How do I tell my counselor I need to tell the whole story? Do I really need to tell the story as a whole? It feels like it, but I don’t quite trust my feelings. A lot of it will be on repeat but put in order. Is this helpful? Will this harm my counselor? (I visibly traumatized another one about 1 1/2 years ago) (Sometimes I think this one gets rattled– I don’t want to hurt him). Shelly


John 2:24: But Jesus didn’t trust them, because he knew human nature.


“Folks have to prove themselves trustworthy. Trust is earned not automatically granted.” Mary DeMuth

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Maya Angelou


Necessary Endings by Henry Cloud

The Stages of Grief Click the link to read more about the five stages of grief.

The Power of Story by Jim Loehr


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