25 Neurotic random thoughts on a gray day

Dec 31, 2009Family Uncaged

Here are 25 thoughts in no particular order (though realize they all reside in my head at the same time!)

  1. I don’t think I could handle living in Seattle. This gray day is making me weepy! I’m thankful for sunny Texas.
  2. I need to make an appetizer, and soon.
  3. My dog smells like overdead fish.
  4. I have one million things to do in the garden, including moving renegade strawberry plants.
  5. My ankle feels weird.
  6. My Dwight Shrute bobble head makes me smile.
  7. The sign on my desk hanging over a cross says “Joy.” It’s a good reminder.
  8. My stomach is funny.
  9. I can’t wait to sit down and write another novel. The characters are talking to me.
  10. I feel guilty for not exercising today.
  11. I shouldn’t have snapped at hubby on the phone. (He called just as I was about to eat, after my stomach got really grumbly. All I wanted was food, not conversation!)
  12. I hope I can stay up past ten tonight.
  13. Shallow: I like my new cell phone.
  14. Fuzzy socks pretty much make any day happy.
  15. Daughter Julia is beautiful, inside and out.
  16. Our cat has a microchip in her neck (spy kitty) and an EU passport with her picture.
  17. I’m wearing a fake wedding ring (bought it on Amazon). Mine needs fixin’.
  18. Daughter Sophie makes me laugh.
  19. Things are different when you’re in your forties.
  20. I like wood floors.
  21. I love that Aidan earned money this break, and with that money, he’s saving it to go to Ghana next summer.
  22. I love gift cards.
  23. Scary movies with demon-y things disturb me.
  24. I remember dialing on the phone. And 8 tracks. And so many other ancient things like that.
  25. Jesus makes me stable.

That’s it! Your turn. What random things are on your mind?