22 – What Are Thin Places?

Aug 25, 2014Uncaged Podcast

I’m excited to share this excerpt from my memoir, Thin Places.

The Gist:

A thin place is a place where you experience the presence of God, where the veil between heaven and earth are thin. Typically, these happen in times of difficulty. This book is my heart naked on the page, where you see just how God stooped to earth and rescued me.


“Today I struggle knowing God ‘loves me and has a wonderful plan for my life.’ I seek Him everywhere–in my insatiable need for approval from others, in my ‘Do you love me?’ please to my husband, in the dark places of my mind where I convince myself I’m a worthless mess and, therefore, unworthy of meriting the affection of the Almighty. Sometimes I’m still that little girl fighting against the grief of the world, longing for a snatch of light in the midst of dark days. I no longer pull the covers over my head–an indication that meeting Jesus spurred something cataclysmic in my heart that is still unfolding. He stoops to the level beside my bed, pulls away the covers, and sets me free.” Thin Places, page 20-21


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Last Note:

As you may or may not know, I’m taking a much-needed sabbatical this summer. Read about that here. So I’ll be sharing some of my talks, interviews and teachings that have been a benefit to others from years past. I pray that these messages deeply, profoundly bless you.