Get 2 Books for Less than a Monkey

Mar 3, 2014Find joy today, Heal from the past, Not Marked

Note: This offer lasts until Monday March 10 at midnight, CST. (But you can buy the monkey any time you wish).

Here’s the monkey in question:

monkeyYou can buy him at Amazon for a flat $20. He won’t teach you anything. He may listen to your problems. Or your dog may take a shining to him and carry him around, marring him with dog drool. He has no wisdom about spiritual warfare (at least I don’t think so), and he has not endured healing from sexual abuse. He is fluffy, so he has that going for him.

So, buy the monkey. Here’s a button!


Or for $14.97, you can get two books that might just change your life (unless your dog uses them as a chew toy).

So, click here to get Not Marked and Beautiful Battle for the price of one, a $28.96 value for $14.97. These are physical, hold-in-your-hands books, the kind you can write in, bend the pages, and show the highlighted parts to your friends. Both of these books are Bible-study-able!

With Not Marked, you’ll learn how to live free from sexual abuse’s haunting (or help a friend through the healing process).

Hear what one reader says about the book:

“My husband read Not Marked in two evenings. He was, in his words, ravenous for it. His heart broke, but he was filled with hope. Both he and I were sexually abused. There’s more to it — there always is. But suffice it to say, he was reading it with two perspectives — survivor and married to a survivor. He has never really been able to understand my struggles with intimacy and your book has opened his eyes in a new way. Patrick’s words of encouragement were powerful and encouraging to him.” 

With Beautiful Battle you’ll learn how to live TODAY with victory and strength. It’s a spiritual warfare book just for women!

Read what author and dramatist Nicole Johnson says about Beautiful Battle:

“Not just anyone can, or should, write a book on Spiritual Warfare. DeMuth demonstrates her capacity not by reveling in her victories but by revealing her battle scars. This is bloody, beautiful, truth.”

Combine the two books and you have the potential for a truly uncaged life (unlike that caged stuffed monkey!)