The Day I Met Jesus–Just $1.99

Mar 25, 2016Find joy today

I’m grateful Baker Books is running a promotion on the book I wrote with Frank Viola entitled The Day I Met Jesus. It’s just in time to download for Easter! Learn about five encounters with Jesus, told through the eyes of women. These are actual women from the New Testament, women with stories and heartaches and joys–just like you.

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My prayer is that this book would be a sweet wake up call to the gentleness, beauty, and power of Jesus, that after you’ve turned the last page, you’ll have an encounter with the living Christ. He is so much more than your expectations. He is so much more than the boxes we’ve confined Him to. He is so much more than cliche.

I think we forget that the people in the Bible are actual, real, breathing human beings. We forget how radical Jesus was to cross racial, social and sin barriers to reveal just how much He is FOR us.

Anyway, if you haven’t read the book, and you’d like to read it for less than two bucks, pick up your e-copy at these retailers. Just click the image to purchase.






  1. Ame

    Hi Mary – years and years ago, you had a close friend who had developed a bible study about lamenting where you’d make these cards. i had kept that information somewhere safe, and now, of course, i can’t find that safe place. do you remember? if so, do you know how i could get a copy of it again?! thank you so much.