18 Reasons Why Julia Rocks!

Jun 16, 2016Find joy today

Today is my daughter Julia’s birthday. She’s 18 years old. She’s a graduate, a friend, a daughter, a chef, a beautiful human being.

Happy birthday, Julia! Here are 18 reasons why you rock!

  1. She is probably one of the most empathetic people I know.
  2. Similarly, she is keenly aware of people’s moods. She can read others so well. And not only that, but she meets the needs she sees.
  3. She is an amazing friend, very loyal, extremely giving.
  4. She has overcome a difficult start to high school. She did so with tenacity, truth, and grace.
  5. She is a terrific cat owner. Her cat Scout follows her around like a dog.
  6. She is smart, so so smart. Her intelligence is the important kind–emotional intelligence, the kind of smarts that help you go places and achieve goals.
  7. She is a hard worker.
  8. She saves her money and is careful in her purchases, but she flat out spends lavishly for others.
  9. She is tenacious.
  10. She can cook! So well! She’ll be a better cook than me.
  11. When she competed in the culinary competition last year, she worked over 800 hours toward that goal. They got first in region and third in Texas.
  12. She is a dedicated sister.
  13. She loves beauty–in the world, in people, in her surroundings.
  14. She is amazing with makeup. I go to her with advice.
  15. She has a pretty voice.
  16. She takes initiative.
  17. She has her own sense of style–very unique and artsy.
  18. She’s got a good artistic eye–seen through her photography and paintings.

Happy Birthday, Julia. You are an asset to the world. And oh how I love you.


  1. Susan G.

    Happy Birthday Julia!
    Mary you and hubby are blessed! 😉

  2. KFDP

    Happy birthday to Julia (and congrats to mom & dad). That’s funny, I was going to say how pretty she was and her makeup looks so nice in that photo!! Some people do have a knack (my great-niece for example). It’s so nice for you to do these lists for your girls. I wonder how much the lists change as they grow older.

    • Mary DeMuth

      Good question: I think they do change, just as my girls do!