150 Quick Questions to Get Your Kids Talking

Feb 8, 2011Family Uncaged

I was thankful, so thankful, to receive this sweet endorsement today for 150 Quick Questions to Get Your Kids Talking.

From author Jody Capehart. (Here we are.)

In our hurried, harried, and sometimes hassled world of today, many families have forgotten how important it is to connect with our children, especially at mealtime. Often we ask them how they are doing only to receive a quick one word answer. As parents, we may become discouraged.

Gifted communicator and mother of three, Mary E. DeMuth, provides practical ways for us to connect with our children in her delightful book “150 Quick Questions to Get Your Kids Talking”.  As a mother, grandmother, and educator, I find Mary’s book to be a timeless treasure. I heartily recommend that you put a copy where you eat meals with your family. This helpful guide is small and can fit easily into a napkin holder on your family table. As an ever-ready resource, this book can also fit into a purse, pocket, briefcase, or in your car for meals outside the home.

Mary DeMuth has divided these thought-provoking, conversation-starting questions into categories such as Back Then, The Big Today, If, Actions and Choices, and more. These unique questions will open the doors for discussions for your children as well as across the generations.

I’ve enjoyed it with my grown kids, grandchildren, as even in a classroom where I am teaching about table etiquette. Get your copy from Harvest House Publishers today, and while you’re at it, may I suggest that you get a second copy for ‘meals on the run’ and time in the car. It is helpful for me to keep one in my purse for those times as well as to show other  families who want to be close and now have a practical tool to put in their arsenal of activities.

Jody Capehart

Author of “Christian Charm Course”

Educator and School Administrator

Mother of 3

Grandmother of 4

School Consultant

Minister to Children