15 – 12 Traits of Tenacious Christians

Jul 7, 2014Uncaged Podcast

I’m really excited to share this podcast with you today because it reflects my heart to become a radical, sweet follower of Jesus Christ. I pray it blesses you.

The Gist:

I had the privilege of attending a world evangelization congress in 2010. (CapeTown 2010). Afterward, I gave this message. Here are the 12 traits:

  1. Take radical risks of sacrifice
  2. Understand God’s rule over politics
  3. Dare to reconcile with enemies
  4. Bring worry about money to the foot of the cross
  5. See persecution as normative
  6. Have a passion to see the gospel advanced (home and abroad)
  7. Be willing to die or suffer for beliefs
  8. Welcome all kinds of people to the table of God
  9. Seek to love the world, not live in fear of it
  10. Lay down reputation
  11. Live a victorious life
  12. Love Christ above everything else. Believe in His all-sufficiency

Scripture: Isaiah 30: 1-2

What sorrow awaits my rebellious children,”
says the Lord.
“You make plans that are contrary to mine.
You make alliances not directed by my Spirit,
thus piling up your sins.
For without consulting me,
you have gone down to Egypt for help.
You have put your trust in Pharaoh’s protection.
You have tried to hide in his shade.

Acts 14:22b: Through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God.”


“Sacrifice seems to the be the last word to describe Christianity today.” Calisto Odede

“Do we view the world as an enemy or an opportunity?” Calisto Odede

 “To be obsessed about status and power is sheer disobedience.” Chris Wright

“The deeper we are with Jesus, the more we will reconcile with our enemies.” Ebenezer

“We insult Jesus when we live defeated lives.” Malcolm Thomas

“At the foot of the cross, there is no favoritism.” Benjamin Kwashi



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Last Note:

As you may or may not know, I’m taking a much-needed sabbatical this summer. Read about that here. So I’ll be sharing some of my talks, interviews and teachings that have been a benefit to others from years past. I pray that these messages deeply, profoundly bless you.