13 Lessons

Aug 20, 2014Heal from the past

Dear Twilla,

Giver of parties (and life of them all), creative friend, compassionate servant, lover of family, uniquely gifted artist, mind if I share three words?

I miss you.

Today while cleaning out my closet, I found several notes some of your friends wrote a few weeks after you died. I had a bare-branched tree in my house (like yours, I copied). And at our gathering, we wrote down what you had taught us. I placed those words on the tree. And for a few weeks, I remembered those words.


But then the tree started leaking sawdust, and I realized that if I kept it up in the house, I would have termite damage. I took it down, stashed the notes in my closet, and moved on.

Except that I didn’t because almost every day I am reminded of you.

I see a beautiful sunset and I wonder if you can see it to from your new vantage point.

I shop at an eclectic, fun store and of course I think of you.

I run across one of the many notes you wrote me, and I pause, and grieve again.

Twilla, I hope you know how dearly you are missed. I hope you understand that those of us left behind have badges of Twilla around us, reminders of you everywhere.

Literally everywhere.

So in case you’re reading this from heaven’s shores, I wanted you to know what we learned from you. And for my readers, I want you to stop a moment, consider these words, and prayerfully integrate these traits into your life, holding the hand of Jesus as you do.

  1. Twilla taught me to live each day to the fullest.
  2. Love with your heart wide open.
  3. Find the fun in each day.
  4. Twilla taught me abundance.
  5. Let the Lord work out the people differences–just include and love and don’t worry about how things will go.
  6. Twilla, my friend of “heart” showed me how to love unconditionally.
  7. Live fully.
  8. Finish well.
  9. Love everyone; include everyone.
  10. Be true to who you are.
  11. Twilla taught me to forgive and let go
  12. Open your heart.
  13. Give generously.

Twilla, thank you for still teaching me about living open, giving others grace, and including the whole lot in my parties. I love that about you. And I miss that about you.

You are remembered. You left a legacy, just as you hoped.

I love you,


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