10 Lies that Kill Your Worth


So next week my book on worth releases. Here’s the thing about all that. Usually I am attacked (spiritually) around the issue of the book I’ve written. So, yep, true to life, I have been struggling with worth. Boo.

One example: I made a request of someone a while back, then never heard back. My mind went C R A Z Y about it. All sorts of strange scripts formed there:

  • That person no longer likes you.
  • Why would they want to help you?
  • You may as well concede that people think you’re a bother.
  • You’re too needy, and you ask too much.
  • May as well write off that relationship.

Yeah, I know. My husband tells me my mind is a scary place.

The end of the story is happy, though. The person contacted me, apologizing for the delay, and absolutely wanted to help. I had to laugh. All that mind wandering merited me nothing but GRIEF. And a little bit of depression. And untruths that I believed as truth.

Worth, I’m finding, is a mindset. It’s what you think about yourself. It’s what you entertain in your head late at night when the lights are out but your mind is fervently thinking.

Your worth is equal to your thoughts. If you entertain awful, negative thoughts about yourself, you’ll suffer in your worth. If you choose to believe the truth about yourself (you are loved! you are amazing!), you’ll begin to flourish in your worth.

In Worth Living, I unpack ten lies we tend to believe about ourselves, along with ten truths. Here they are:

10 Lies We Believe (and 10 Truths We Need to Believe)


I’m learning how powerful it is to DAILY remind yourself of the truth. Friend, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You are destined to make an impact in this world. You are picked by the Almighty God. These are unchanging truths, not based on how you feel in the moment.

So this week as I prepare myself for a May 3rd release, I am reminding myself of these ten truths. I’ll probably say them out loud, trusting that God will etch them into my heart and mind.

I pray the same for you, that you would have a new mindset, a WORTH mindset. Who’s with me?