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Praise Him under Open Skies

There’s something mystical and enormous about a large, open sky. Growing up around mountains, I’ve come to appreciate open skies, the way they speak of God, his vastness, his otherness. That’s probably why I love David Crowder’s song of the same. I used to crank “Praise Him Under Open Skies” when I went running in France, even though the skies were obscured by foothills and the Alps. (more…)

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Dancing in Africa…a story of worship

When my son Aidan was twelve years old, he had a dream. He wanted to help provide water for a village on the other side of the world. Through a series of amazing events, he helped raise money for a well project in Northern Ghana. A few months after he told me about his dream, we stood on the dusty ground, making new friends. (more…)
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Raising Her Hands

I’m the weirdo in my little family. I’m the one who insists we venture to the very front of our large suburban church so I can feel more a part of the worship. I’m the one who juts hands into the air, who will stand up when no one stands (in the entire church) because I can’t help but stand to worship the Lord. I probably embarrass my family.

But this morning while I was singing, I opened my eyes for a moment to see my daughter Julia’s hands jutting toward the heavens, worshiping God in…

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Mount Hermon Prayers, Day five

Please pray for all of us celebrating Palm Sunday, that the Lord would be triumphant in our midst, that we would worship Him deeply and herald Him as king. Pray He would teach through me and give me strength.

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There’s a song I sing when the day is still and I want to sing a prayer. I learned it over 22 years ago. In high school I was a member of a small singing group called the Hi-Tones. We sang in malls over Christmas, performed at schools, and enjoyed each other’s company. We were a troupe of about fifteen girls and we wore very ugly dresses. (They were a horrendously bad red, long sleeved, long skirted, with ruffles. Ack.)

Our choir director was a Christian, and sometimes selected spiritually-centered songs. The one we sang for…

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Tokyo and Worship

“Mommy, what are we going to do tomorrow?”

“Well,” I began.

“I know,” Julia said. “We’re going shopping, but you’re going to Tokyo.”

I laughed. “I think you mean Opio.”

“Oh yeah, Opio.”

So, yes, I’ll be in Opio doing worship practice at Barnaby and Tiphanie’s home. We’ll have some lunch, set up chairs, and then have our monthly Crossroads Cote d’Azur (our church name) gathering from four to six. Pray for us. The topic is “The Secret of Growth: Authenticity in Safe Community.”

Either that or Traveling to Tokyo: Seven Insider Tips, by Julia.

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Hats Cast Off

Those of you who know me know that I’ve struggled as the New Year dawned with too many hats. Far too many for one girl. So I’ve worried and prayed and pled. Today, Jesus brilliantly answered my heart cries for rest.

Worship: I wear the worship leading hat on our church planting team. I love to worship, but I am not gifted at playing the guitar. Therefore, I stumble badly and don’t enter into worship like I’d like to. Tonight, Brigitte, a French worship leader, is coming to lead our home group in worship. I am…

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Finding my Voice

I’ve sung forever and a year (to exhaust a cliche). Not that I’m some recording artist or anything, I’ve just loved to sing. I dropped my friend Valerie at the airport tonight and sung at the top of my lungs with my friend David Crowder (on a CD. Thanks, Don Pape!). I raised one hand to the heavens, when I wasn’t shifting, and connected with Jesus.

By the way, David’s the one with the beard.

I realized there have been…

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Madame Guyon Quote of Note

This quote stunned me . . . as it reflected my recent pilgrimage toward grace and freedom in Jesus Christ. It’s not about working hard, folks. It’s about His grace.


O my Divine Love, the desire I had to please You,
the tears I shed,
my great labours and the little fruit I reaped from it,
moved Your compassion.
You gave me in a moment,
through Your grace and Your goodness alone,
what I had been unable to give myself through all my efforts
Madame Guyon
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Tongue Flapping Worship

Julia and I were holding hands when she said it. “Mommy, my teacher makes us keep our tongues still when we are singing.”

“What do you mean?”

She broke free and ran ahead up our stairs and stood there, singing a sweet French song, but not moving her tongue. It remained pinned to the bottom of her mouth. Her French was a bit garbled as a result of her paralyzed tongue, but she sung in quite a projected manner.

So, there you have it! If you want to be a professional singer, Julia has one bit of advice….

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