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Andi Ashworth: Folks, we’ve lost our connection to each other.

I had the privilege of meeting Andi Ashworth at Mount Hermon a year ago when her husband, recording artist Charlie Peacock, spoke to writers. They’ve helped pioneer Art House America, and now have a branch near me in Dallas! Lots of discussions and artsy interaction happens there, all in a Jesusy context.

Recently I picked up her sweet and amazing book, Real Love for Real Life. Definitely buy it. I’m still so surprised that it’s no longer in print.

In order to entice…

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Writing without immediate reward

I wrote about this today over at The Master’s Artist. Catch it here.

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Got writing resolutions?

Hop on over to The Master’s Artist for a lengthy (but readable) list on ways to keep up your resolutions for 2009. You can read it here.

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Typing Praise Words

Ever get in a spiritual funk? I’ve been in one. In the infamous words of Patrick DeMuth, “I need a vacation.” We both feel the weight of working in France . . . working, working, working without a break.

I took a little break yesterday. I didn’t go to the beach, visit a friend, sit at a cafe. I worked. But my work was creating the power point for our upcoming Crossroads Gathering next Thursday May 25th. I typed worship lyrics. Odd, but as I typed, my heart lifted. Words like:

You are the King of glory

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Great News in France

Mind if I share a few praises?

Julia got the BEST grades in her class in Math. She came home SO proud of her report card. Her teacher wrote glowing things about her. Yesterday, I found this piece of paper:
It seems Julia figured out the futur tense on her own and has started conjugating every verb she knows into the future! And, our little second grader is doing multiplication! Wow.

On Monday, I walked home with a neighbor. I’d been chastising myself…

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Writing by the Numbers

I thought I’d revisit some past posts about writing here. These small vignettes were taken from my RelevantProse newsletter. If you are a writer who is interested in receiving a monthly writing newsletter filled with tips like these, feel free to hop on over to my website here.

So, here we go. Ready?


  1. Become a columnist. Work for smaller magazines (regional) and newspapers. A weekly column may not bring in tons of money, but it is steady and will help you establish a weekly deadline.
  2. Edit. Hire yourself out for freelance editing…

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Reviews and Interviews

I had a fun interview today with two ladies in Nacogdoches, Texas today.

Also, I was blog-interviewed over at Michelle Therese Writes. You can read it here and read her review of Building the Christian Family You Never had here.

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Interview on Novel Journey

Tuesday I’ll be interviewed over at Novel Journey about Watching the Tree Limbs. It releases this week…Wednesday, March 15th. Gina does a great interview, so stop on by and enjoy. This week I share the interview space with Walter Wangerin. Wow! Everyone needs to read The Book of the Dun Cow. Truly!

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5 Questions to ask yourself about your male/female business friendships

We met in another city over lunch to talk about social media. He spoke of his wife; I talked about my husband and family. Our conversation began a good professional relationship that continues.

Another business acquaintance shared dinner around a table with other professionals. He commented on how I looked, letting his eyes linger. I got that sick feeling in my stomach, making the choice to avoid this man. We’ve not maintained a business relationship.

In the professional world, we encounter people of the opposite sex on…

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