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Win Lisa Borden’s Life Changing and Challenging book

I know Lisa Borden from our time in France. We were fellow missionaries with Christian Associates International. While she planted churches in Portugal, my family planted in France. One thing held us together: we were writers. The moment I read her prose, I fell in love. Lisa is one of the most stunning writers I’ve ever read.

But continents separated us. She and her family moved to Africa, and our family relocated back to the Americas.

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For Lent, James Watkins is giving up…

This is a guest post from James (Jim) Watkins, a terrific communicator and author.

Two years ago, I posted my Top ten things I (Jim) am giving up for Lent

Seriously, though, I did try to give up dark chocolate for the 40 plus days leading up to Easter. It was an agonizing…

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Do you worry you love writing too much?

I’m one of those people with a hyperactive conscience. Someone can look at me funny and I’ll say sorry. Therefore, I can go a little nutty trying to evaluate the motives of my heart in terms of writing. Yes, Jesus is the most important relationship in my life, followed by my husband and three beautiful children. But, writing is my calling. I’m finally able to settle into it, like a comfortable couch, finally able to embrace it.

Sometimes the Enemy of our souls would like to whisper condemnation in our ears with words like, “How do…

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Circling Back Around

Have you ever felt like God has taken you back to a path you’ve been on before? Recently I’ve felt this way about worry and finances. I’ve had brilliant times of faith where I truly believed God would provide, and the anxiety level I experienced during deprivation was low.

And then there are times like recently where I can’t stop worrying about stupid money. God has reminded me of the leaner, scarier times, when I seemed to have faith. And I’ve asked Him to please help me remember better….

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Will you choose healing or regret?

I’ve been thinking a lot about healing lately, particularly since I’ll be teaching about it the next six weeks at church. I’m living proof of two things:

  1. That God can utterly transform a life.
  2. That you have to want to be transformed.

Jesus asked the paralytic, “Do you want to get well?” Notice that the man, lame and crippled, didn’t answer the question. And yet, even in that frail state of not knowing what to say to such a question, Jesus reached out his hand to the man and restored him. This…

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The Sun Shines Brighter when the Fog Lifts

Have you ever been in a fog?

I’ve been there, slogging my way through, not sure what I’m thinking, not sure what life’s all about. I compare it a bit to stupor. There’s this vague sense that something’s not quite right, or a memory has more meaning but we can’t mine it.

I had one of those benign memories–one I’d repeated to others in detail, thinking it a happy memory. But one day the fog lifted….

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Validation: The Insatiable Need

I wonder if I’m a validation junkie. An affirmation addict. A praise nerd.


Are you?

It’s probably why I wanted to be a singer as a kid, longing for that “You did a good job” at the end of a performance. It’s probably why I exhausted myself for all those A grades in high school and college. Why I tried to be the “perfect” mommy and wife. Why I write for others to read.

There’s a…

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Thankful for New Life

I know well the words of Jesus about seed falling to the ground and dying, about when it does, it bears much fruit. Never is that life lesson more stark than in spring. I’m thankful for the life emerging from winter’s grip.

How ironic that I push against dying to self. I forget that leafy life will spring from such a death. I only picture the death of what I want, when I want it, how I want…

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The motions

I’m thinking about and singing this song, “The Motions” by Matthew West. You can watch the amazing video here.

It was easy singing a song like that when we lived in France, untethered to security, constantly facing distress and out-of-the-box trials. We left everything comfortable. But now I live in Texas with a church on every corner, attending an amazing, vibrant church. I have good friends, great kids, a terrific husband. And it all seems so easy.

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True, Alive Freedom

God speaks to me when I run.

Today, chilled to the fingers, I ran toward the lake, my mind wandering. Something shiny and bright caught my eye. Caught in the overhead telephone line was the shredded remains of a kite. It couldn’t get free, the tangles getting the best of it. But just as I looked skyward to see the imprisoned kite again, a flock of birds, flying in V formation, soared…

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