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Choose rest or have it chosen for you


On a run toward the tail end while I huffed my way through a park and felt the sweat drip down my forehead, I chatted with God. The subject? A frenetic, crazy-busy life. It amazes me how deliberate I’ve been about paring down my life. And yet, even so, I find myself back in the place of utter busyness.

The Lord got my attention the way He often does–with bunnies. When I run, I almost always see a bunny hopping across my path. Often…

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Rachael McClelland’s Thin Place: Refuge

God created us to create. Some use paint. Some use words. Some use both – like today’s guest writer, Rachael McClelland. If God created you to write and you have a Thin Place Story to share, you can submit it here.


I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings. Psalms 61:4

I read Mary’s memoir, Thin Places, this summer and was so touched at the end as Mary describes herself as a “wingless bird” singing in the treetop, high above…

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Slowing down, thank the Lord

So it’s happening.

Not by osmosis, either.

I’m slowing down, deliberately.

I’m saying no.

This week wasn’t easy. I still have quite a bit on my plate before it gets cleared. So I’ve had to work long, long days trying to attack the to do list with gusto. And boy howdy, was I tired. The kind of tired that drops me to sleep in a moment….

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Learning to de-busy-fy

On vacation, I did a lot of thinking, praying, thinking, reading, and talking. I’ve been a bit worried about my pace of life, and I despaired that I had to bring work with me on my vacation. Yep, I even brought my crackberry, much to the chagrin of my kids who see my need for rest. All I really want is simplicity.

It seems obvious that I should’ve rested…

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The Anatomy of a Perfect Day

Admiring the flowers

A laughing me

A funny husband
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Pictures of our Day of Rest

Over at Pioneer Parenting blog, I chronicle our Sunday with photos and commentary. If you have felt the sorrow of a terribly rushed life, stop on by and relax and rejuvenate with us.

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Welcome Spring!

It’s Spring outside. The air is warm. The birdies are chirping. And I am in a changing mood. So, instead of tackling one of four book projects, I decided on a new look based on a card I received from Diane (thanks Diane!).

So, how do you like it? Easier to read? Cheerful? Springy?

Heather I, I bet you’re happy!

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Blessings of the Day

  1. Giving Watching the Tree Limbs to my friend Kate who loves to read fiction.
  2. Reading some very cool reviews: here and here and here.]
  3. Getting a day mostly to myself (except for doctoring poor Sophie who is sick)
  4. Actually having the opportunity to go to bed early
  5. Having a lovely and fun chat with my cool friend Jen
  6. Praying for my friend Heather (though not with her, waaaaa)
  7. Kissing my husband in between work and more work
  8. Picking up Aidan and Julia from school and listening to them chatter about the day
  9. Showing my home to Hud and Nancy McWilliams
  10. Eating…

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My Worth

I had a terrible dream last night.

First of all, in the dream I was a man! How strange!

And then I dreamed I was taking my temperature (still as a man) and it was one of those old thermometers with mercury inside. It broke in my mouth. I could feel the mercury sliding down my throat as I weakened and my mind went fuzzy. I’m sure this is not medically accurate, but from that time forth, I was mentally incapable of stringing words together. I became a janitor and I drooled. I had this terrible feeling…

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Walking in Fading Light

We’re trying to recapture our Sundays as days of rest. Part of rest for me is getting outside, seeing the world God created. I am rejuvenated in His creation. So, we planned on taking a walk, but as the day wore on, the light waned.

We could have decided against it as dusk settled in around the golden red hills of Le Rouret. Could have stayed put in the quiet of our home. But we didn’t. We put on shoes, coats, gloves and hats and walked the dusk.

I came back alive, more alive than I felt…

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