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Brandee Shafer’s Thin Place: Prayers

Rachel blogged this story on Feb. 12 after reading a Mark Batterson reference to “thin places.”  She didn’t know about Mary’s thin places until later, when she followed Michelle from Graceful to Mary’s site.


The last week and I’ve stood in a thin place, and–even as I’ve drawn close to God–I’ve struggled in processing and understanding what’s been happening inside and all around me, let alone in sharing. It’s been a little like trying to work a slide puzzle with a bunch of other people. (more…)

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Please pray for Iraqi Christians. Please.

I’d attach a picture of my new Iraqi friend here, but I don’t want to jeopardize his safety. I met him at Cape Town a few weeks ago, and his gentle, sweet spirit changed me. Truly. He is passionate about Jesus. He loves seeing reconciliation in action. When the Messianic Jewish believer stood next to the Palestinian Christian, he could not contain himself, saying Alleluia over and over and over again. He was the first to extend his hand to me and say, “Peace be unto you,” around our table at Cape Town. He sang…

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Laura Parker’s Thin Place: The. Perfect. Car.

Sometimes God meets our ordinary needs with extraordinary provision. Laura and her husband Matt now have three kids and serve in Thailand at Breanna’s House of Joy. You can connect with Laura via her Life Overseas blog or on Twitter @LauraParkersays. (You can encourage others with your Thin Place Story by submitting it here.)


My thin place takes the shape of a car. A Toyota 4Runner to be exact.

Let me explain. The first five years of our marriage took us around the world and back…

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Mount Hermon Prayer 2010

I had the privilege again this year to pray at the Palm Sunday service at Mount Hermon. Not usually prone to write out my prayers for a situation like this, I felt God nudge me to be sure I prayed particular things. So I wrote it down. Here it is. I pray it blesses you. I pray it becomes your prayer, my prayer, our prayer.

“Ah Lord GOD! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth…

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When God Answers Specifically

Some of you may know that I’ve been discouraged lately about my writing career. Not big stuff, just little things toppled one upon the other. If you’re not careful (particularly in life), you can begin to think those little disappointments suddenly define you. 

So I prayed. I said, 
“Lord, please encourage me specifically in my writing ministry. Please let…

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This Little Prayer of Mine

This is a guest post by author Anthony DeStefano.

This Little Prayer of Mine—my very first children’s book—will be on bookshelves Feb. 16th.

My own little prayer right now is that children and their parents will respond to it the same way adult readers did to my first two books, A Travel Guide to Heaven, and Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To. In those books, I tried to distill complex…

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Our 13-year-old son’s vision: water in Ghana

(Here we’re standing on the site where they tried to get water)

Here is an article Aidan wrote for a major Christian publication last year. The water for Sankpem has yet to be found, so we continue to raise money for it. You may donate here. On the pull down menu, click “fresh water: Ghana” to donate to this specific project.

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Saturday Prayer: Everything

Lord, help me to stay in the moment today, to find a grateful heart, to rejoice in everything. I need Your heart, Your perspective, Your voice every day I walk this earth. Teach me to be compassionate, open, free. Live through me. Love through me.

I’m weary, worn out, and needy. But Your word says that in my weakness You are strong. So please be my strength today. Be my everything.

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Today’s Prayer: Heat

Lord, I did a silly thing biking in the heat, pushing myself, not drinking water, and now my body and brain are rebelling against me. Please help me rest today, to heal, to find comfort in not doing anything. For a doer like me, that’s hard. But I know You are the God of the Sabbath, so I submit myself to rest. Amen.

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Thursday Prayer: Life

Lord, as I go on my bike ride today, I thank You that I have legs to bike, arms to hold the handlebars, and breath in my lungs. Protect me and my riding companions from crazy drivers. As I see the beauty of Your creation, help me pause in my spirit to praise You.

And I lift up my daughter Julia to you, with her cough and my husband with his cough. Would You heal them? Help them to feel better soon.

I pray for the hours of my day, that I’d stop and remember You throughout….

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