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I made a paper wreath!

When I first saw this paper wreath tutorial at The Lovely Residence, I was smitten completely and determined to make my own. Her instructions at the site were perfect. Here’s my pictorial essay on how mine went.

First I had to choose square scrapbook paper and glue two pieces together. (If you have reverse-able paper, you won’t have to do this. You need 6 pages–12 glued together).

Fold into triangles. Measure at…

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Random Acts of Family

I thought I’d give you a glimpse into our lives today. These are iphone pics.



My lunch one day this weekend. Watercress, tomatoes, shaved romano cheese, oregano, garlic, salt, olive oil, balsamic vinegar



Not sure why this turned sideways, but this is Julia demonstrating that my book actually worked! Just look at that confidence and courage!


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7 things that make me happy today


My kitty Madeline


My sweet dog Pippin


Our home in Spring


The redbud in our front yard


Emerging peonies

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Two books in two days!

Yesterday I received the ARC (Advance Reader Copy) of my upcoming novel, The Muir House. Here’s a little blurb: Willa Muir can’t say yes to the love of her life … until she explores her past and solves the mystery of a haunting dream. But when Willa’s desperate search unearths unthinkable secrets, her heart collapses. Can Willa shake her past to embrace a love that could finally lead her home? This book releases this summer and is set in Rockwall, Texas.

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Best advice for new writers

I’m thankful to have a cool cache of friends who are in the publishing industry. This post launches writer week, for all of those who want to be published or are strange enough to wonder about the process of publication, stay tuned each day. Today I’m blessed to offer you sage advice from many folks. Enjoy!

“Writing to be published is a lot like starting a new business. If you’re going to start a bakery, you can’t just have an interesting idea for…

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Autumnal pictures for your enjoyment

I took these pictures at the Fall Retreat in Oklahoma. I hope you enjoy them. In the meantime, have an amazing Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Andi studying her Bible at Fall Retreat (more…)

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Fall pictures

Here are some fall pics from around the house:

The Boston ivy on our house is changing colors. Hooray!

The wreath on our door became the dullest brown, so I grabbed some very bright green spray paint and went at it. I love it!

Love the slight discoloration of this hedge. Can you tell I love green?

And yet:…

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Our Fantastic Road Trip!

Here is daughter Sophie at Ouachita Baptist University. She liked it! (more…)

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Pictures from my writers retreat in NC!

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I love this time of year: Garden highlights

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