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Write a Powerful Novel Proposal: Launching Today!

Today I’m launching a new product on my website called Write a Powerful Fiction Proposal. (Scroll down; it’s below the Nonfiction proposal tutorial.)

For you novelists out there seeking publication, you may ask yourself, why would I need a fiction proposal? Don’t I just need a synopsis and three sample chapters? 

My answer: 

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Life in Defiance Trailer is Here!

Only a few more weeks and Life in Defiance will release. May 11th to be exact. My editor says it’s the best book I’ve written. The trailer is below.

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Meeting Hixon

(picture credit: from the National Archives)

I met him the other day, my character Hixon. He weighed a little more than I expected, but his face, his eyes–this was him.

He made eye contact. He served. He smiled, but not overly so. His position seemed lowly, but I envisioned his influence in his place of work.

I touched his elbow, to garner attention for a…

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Beautiful review of A Slow Burn

This review comes from Christina Severinghaus.

This is the second book of fiction that I have read written by Mary DeMuth. Just like the first one, Daisy Chain, this one A Slow Burn kept me up all night, I simply could not put it down. Her character development is amazing, the descriptions of Defiance so real, I immediately feel transported…

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30 Days of Summer Reads: Murder, Mayhem and a Fine Man

Claudia Mair Burney is a writer who knows her stuff and struts her wordsmithing with style and sass. Murder, Mayhem and a Fine Man renews my trust in fiction for the Christian market. Chock full of characters who live and breathe like real human beings with very normal struggles, a plot that twists and surprises, and a narrator’s voice that smacks beauty and authenticity, this book will entertain, challenge, and move readers.

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30 Days of Summer Reads: The Feast of Saint Bertie

A story-feast from the get-go! The Feast of Saint Bertie is a surprising, engaging, unique story that will challenge readers to rethink what it means to be a Christ-follower in today’s crazy, materialistic culture. With vivid characters, unconventional settings, and a beautifully unfolding plot, this book is the kind that will stay with you, like the fond memory of a great meal.

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30 Days of Summer Reads: My Name is Russell Fink

My Name is Russell Fink is laugh-out-loud storytelling—inventive, surprising, and chock full of quirky authenticity. Michael Snyder’s Fink is the kind of character that stays with you like a strange realization, but in a good way. This honest, witty story will grab you by the heart, tickle your funny bone, and highlight the intrinsic, fragile beauty of humanity in a way you didn’t expect. An exceptional first book by a refreshing voice.

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30 Days of Summer Reads: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards is an engaging story that kept me turning the pages. No simple answers, no neatly drawn up plot, this book held me close to each character, all exquisitely drawn. At times I wanted to shake one; other times I cried for another (and tears are so rare when I read). The power of love, secrets, and shame are all wrapped up in this haunting story about a family in crisis.

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30 Days of Summer Reads: Home Another Way

Home Another Way by Christa Parrish is the kind of book that sticks to your heart. Beautiful, lyrical writing, real, breathing characters and a plot with surprising twists, Parrish makes me want to find this town, hang out with the people there, and engage. A rare, gutsy book for a new generation of readers.

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30 Days of Summer Reads: The Moment Between

The Moment Between is a stark, agonizingly beautiful treatise on family, human frailty, and suffocating regret. With breathtaking prose, an everywoman heroine, and a twisting journey, Nicole Baart unfolds hope in the darkest circumstances.

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