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Entropy and Housework

This is one of my old columns from the Rowlett Lakeshore Times a couple years ago. I thought I’d resurrect it for a little levity. This is what my kids looked like when I wrote that column!


Somewhere in the back of my tired brain, I remember something I learned in college. I remember learning about entropy. I remember the professor telling us that entropy was about a system or a universe moving from a state of order to disorder. I don’t know why, but the definition stuck, filed neatly behind “don’t mix ammonia and bleach”…

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Do women have an on/off switch for our busy brains?

As women, we carry so much. And not physically, though I’ve carried my share of babies, toddlers, hurting kids, etc. I’m talking about what’s inside our brains. Pretty much chaotic craziness. I truly don’t know how my hubby would survive without me. I hold so much in my database–bank statements, shot schedules, household chores, what’s for dinner, who needs to be ferried where and when, grocery lists, car maintenance schedules, clothes the kids need . . .

I’m tired writing it all down. (more…)

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Speaking Vs. Busy Family

I love to speak. Love to share what Jesus is doing in my heart and life. There was a time when I aggressively pursued speaking engagements, believing them to be my pathway to more book sales. While speaking is probably the best way to sell books, I soon got overwhelmed with travel and preparations. As a result, I’ve let go a bit.

Why? First because God has slowed me down, thankfully. (more…)

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Saying no to say yes

Today I had to write a hard post, detailing why I’m letting go of a great blog. Maybe you’ve been in that place where you’ve had to say no to something good in order to pursue something greater. That’s where I am. And I’m determined, by God’s grace, to walk in obedience. Which means I will disappoint folks. Say no to requests. Walk away from things that seem terrific.

Yet, as I teeter on the brink of burnout, I see some light, thankfully. Life’s coming into clearer focus. Family is beckoning. Sabbath is…

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I’ve been thinking a lot in my little bits of spare time about circles. God places people around us in varying ways. I particularly am fond of this verse: “But now God has placed the members, each one of them, in the body, just as He desired” (1 Corinthians 12:18). I love that He’s placed me in my church, with my group of friends, within our Life Group (Sunday School…

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Win a Weekend at Laity Lodge Family Camp!

I’m a huge fan of this camp as our family enjoyed an amazing week there last summer. Here’s a picture of our smiling selves at the week’s end. It’s beautiful there, absolutely breathtaking. And the staff is amazing, the food delicious, and the time with family wonderful.

If you’d like to win a weekend, simply share a tip or two about how you have fun as a family (share your tips), and…

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Got writing resolutions?

Hop on over to The Master’s Artist for a lengthy (but readable) list on ways to keep up your resolutions for 2009. You can read it here.

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An IHF Day

I have them every once in awhile. Or every day.

An IHF day.

An I-Hate-France day.

It started nicely enough. With sun and happy thoughts. The children and I went to Grasse Le Plan to do shopping. I got some money from the cash machine. A man ran over to me afterwards and said 78 words in French and I had no clue what he said. I followed him back into the bank, and there, on the ATM were some keys. But they were not mine. I thanked him anyway.

Then we went to Lidl. Lidl is a smallish…

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Magazine thoughts

Thank you to many of you who prayed for Aidan. (See three posts down). His teacher saw his stress and said he didn’t have to answer the questions until he could understand. That was such a blessing!

OK, change of subject…

One of the things I miss here in France are American magazines. Friends have been very kind to send and/or bring me magazines. Today I have some random thoughts from the October 2004 issue of Good Housekeeping.

On page 149, from the article entitled “Haven on Earth,” the author says, “We’ve all heard of writer’s block,…

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