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I’m afraid to write the next memoir

When Thin Places released this year, I felt naked. And rightfully so. I shared my story stark on the page there, my heart displayed for all to see. The pain, the neglect, the sexual abuse, the divorces–all these damaged me and my heart. Hints of those injuries haunt me today still.

One thing that really surprised me was how hard this book was to read for those people who knew me well. Not just painful, but anguishing. I found myself in the place of consoling. I needed to comfort those who knew me, to reassure…

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Even Oprah dealt with a family secret.

I had the privilege to talk to an ABC reporter yesterday about my blog My Family Secrets. It was heartening today to read this Oprah sister story on the ABC news site where the reporter included my thoughts throughout the piece.

It surprised me that Oprah hadn’t known about her half-sister most of her life, which shows the power of secrets, the shame of keeping things quiet. It makes me wonder what secrets swirl around my own life I’m unaware…

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Wannabe published? Win some cool stuff.

Some of you may know (and some of you may not) that I mentor writers at The Writing Spa. I also have two mentors that do a terrific job, mentoring in fiction and nonfiction. (I do both). I’ve recently set up a facebook page for the Spa, and am running a giveaway there for a free Sally Stuart Christian Writer’s Market Guide, a free proposal tutorial, and a free critique of five pages. All together, these are worth 200 dollars. To enter, please go the facebook page here and “like”…

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If I could write the third novel, here’s how it would start.

I mentioned this week that when I sold my first novel, I actually had a two book contract, which then became Watching the Tree Limbs and Wishing on Dandelions. You can read chapters from each by scrolling down to Tuesday’s and Monday’s post.

In those two novels, I used a device to keep Maranatha telling her story in third person. In her adult life, she was still too close to the story, and too traumatized, to be able to tell it in the first person. She couldn’t bring herself to say “I.” But in…

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2nd Chapter of my 2nd novel: Wishing on Dandelions

When I signed my first novel contract with NavPress, they asked for two books. Wishing on Dandelions follows Maranatha Winningham into high school where she now has to grapple with romance while still being haunted by a past of sexual abuse. My hope and intention has always been to write a third Maranatha book, to follow her into adulthood, but alas, a publisher hasn’t obliged it yet. The book is no longer in print, but you can purchase an autographed copy here if…

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The first chapter of my first published novel

I wrote Watching the Tree Limbs in 2004, before I was published. I’d written another novel too–and that one hasn’t yet been published. The book went to every publishing house in the Christian publishing industry and was rejected by every. single. one. It wasn’t until a year later that Rachelle Gardner, then the acquisitions editor at NavPress, remembered the book, asked for it again, then took a risk and published it. The book is, sadly, no longer in print, but you can…

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To my facebook friends, I’m moving, and here’s why.

This has been a decision I’ve thought and prayed through. It boils down to simplicity and decluttering. I don’t say that lightly, nor do I mean that people are clutter. What I do mean is that I’m becoming increasingly worried about spreading myself too thin, about putting more of myself out there in the public domain for consumption. To be honest, keeping up with friends and fans in a deliberate way is tiring. And trying to differentiate between the two in the way I post has become a nuisance. I also want to be a…

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Dreams Lost and Dreams Found by Holley Gerth

Today I’m thankful to feature my friend Holley Gerth, sharing a painful yet redemptive story with you. She’ll be giving a FREE webinar next week chatting about transitions of the heart. Find out more here. Later, I’ll host a webinar about Transitions in Faith, followed by author Lauraine Snelling discussing Transitions in Courage. We’d love to have you sign up for all three. The only thing they’ll cost is your time. We hope you’ll be encouraged and strengthened by the messages.

And now, to Holly:

It started with a thin line.


Stretched from one end…

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The Benefits of Conversational Parenting

I’ve tried nearly every parenting method on the market. Sometimes I’ve felt elated that I grew my children Jesus’ way. Other times I worried that I didn’t discipline correctly. I’ve been stern. I’ve been lax. I’ve wavered. I’ve showered with love. But none of those methods captured my children’s hearts or me quite so much as something I’ll call conversational parenting.

In the midst of a rapidly changing culture that embraces the postmodern values of community and authenticity, I’ve realized that some of the top-down parenting methods didn’t prepare my children to step outside our front…

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How Sexual Abuse Affects Us Today

Note: This post is part of the Idea Camp’s exploration of sexual abuse.

It happened so long ago. Nearly forty years now. The picture at the top of this post is me, aged five. The year the boys came and took me away. Stole a year of my life. In ravines. Under trees. In a sheet-canopied bunk bed. With their friends in increasing number.

By grace, I faked sleep so they couldn’t take me.

By grace, we moved away from those boys.

By grace, though others would try to attack through the years, God gave me legs…

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