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The Power of Staying

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In a quirky corner of the house, in a box tucked away, I came across a strip of paper. Dot matrix printing. Penned in names. Folded in half. A printing of our marriage vows.

It reads “I, Mary, before our family and friends take you Patrick to be my wedded husband. And I promise and…

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Tell the truth? Or keep it in? What’s your advice?

An anonymous commenter commented on My Family Secrets recently. I thought I’d share his response and ask your opinion. What should he do?

Thank you very much for sharing your story.
It sounds very much like mine.

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Win a free copy of Beyond the Mirror

My friend Ashley does a much better job of explaining her ministry to wives of porn-addicted husbands (and those in recovery), so I encourage you to watch her here:

To have a chance at winning her free book, simply comment below answering, “How has God used something bad in your life for something good?”

I look forward to reading your stories!

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Be an influencer for The Muir House

The Muir House releases July 1st. It’s a love story. It’s a lost story. All under one roof.

In it I explore the idea of needing the truth from the past to be able to move on in the present. Willa can’t say yes to a marriage proposal until she unravels her past, but she learns the painful, yet valuable lesson that no matter what the truth is about back then, we still have the ability to live today. This coming of age novel explores truth,…

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Today I’m on the 700 Club!

{Picture: me + producer + sound & video gals. Love them!}

I have no idea how my interview turned out, so I’ll be watching it alongside you for the first time. You can watch the testimony segment on TV or on the CBN website. Click the Watch Now red button.

I pray this broadcast blesses you, that my story will give you hope that Jesus is bigger than anything you go through. That’s my heart. That’s my desire. He has taken me–a broken,…

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Twenty Years today! Happy Anniversary to us!

Twenty years ago today, I said “I do” to Patrick DeMuth. I’m so glad I did.

20 Highlights:

  1. We’ve traveled the world together (here we’re kissing in the Alps).
  2. We’ve had three amazing kids.
  3. We’ve planted a church–twice!
  4. We’ve weathered a lot of transition.
  5. We’ve pursued our dreams.
  6. We’ve learned how to cheerlead each other.
  7. We’ve chosen to forgive and move on.
  8. We’ve shared our hearts authentically.
  9. We finish each other’s sentences.
  10. We laugh a lot.
  11. We’ve experienced plenty and want, sickness and health.
  12. We’ve learned the art of fighting fair.
  13. We keep short accounts with each…

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Healing Week! The Fear of Mending by Sarah Markley

This week I’m launching my Audio Healing Retreat, Get Past the Past. In celebration of that, I’m inviting friends around the blogosphere to share their stories of healing. Today’s guest is Sarah Markley, a dear friend who has chased healing.

I used to be afraid of healing.

What it would cost.

What it would mean.

What it would require of me.

Years ago, trying to function in my marriage while having an affair was like trying to run a marathon on a broken leg. …

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The Unglamorous Places (a thin place story by Sarah Markley)

This is the first entry in the Share Your Thin Place feature of my new website. If you’d like to be featured here with your story of when God came near, click here. I’m honored to have my friend and fellow blogger Sarah Markley share her thin place story with you. I promise you will be stirred and changed in reading it.


Wouldn’t it be grand if my thinnest place was at the top of a mountain {where even the air seemed more attuned to God} or gazing into the eyes of my newborn daughter…

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How Sexual Abuse Affects Us Today

Note: This post is part of the Idea Camp’s exploration of sexual abuse.

It happened so long ago. Nearly forty years now. The picture at the top of this post is me, aged five. The year the boys came and took me away. Stole a year of my life. In ravines. Under trees. In a sheet-canopied bunk bed. With their friends in increasing number.

By grace, I faked sleep so they couldn’t take me.

By grace, we moved away from those boys.

By grace, though others would try to attack through the years, God gave me legs…

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30 Days of Summer Reads: The Husband Project

Have a sizzling affair—with your spouse! The Husband Project brims with the kind of secret and surprising advice that’ll help you become the wife he desires. A fun, innovative, and practical book.

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