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Healing Week: Hope after Miscarriage by Bridget Collins

This week I’m launching my Audio Healing Retreat, Get Past the Past. In celebration of that, I’m inviting friends around the blogosphere to share their stories of healing. Today’s guest is Bridget Beth Collins who used to babysit our kids when we lived in Seattle. Now she has kids of her own! She is pictured here with baby Oliver. And I have a crush on her blog; I read it every day.

She wrote this last year around Easter Sunday.

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Breathing is Better than Kicking

Last week I had the privilege of speaking at the national MOPS convention. I flew in early on Friday, then spoke on Saturday, which gave me an afternoon to relax. What is this relaxation I speak of? I’m not so sure. But I did promise my kids after the mountainfuls of work I’ve been under that when in Florida, I would relax.

So here I am, relaxing and getting a sunburn: (more…)

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Thy Kingdom Come

They haunt me. They beautify me. The faces of those I met in Northern Ghana. They remind me of a kingdom where there will no longer be tears or poverty or war.

I want to live for Your kingdom, Lord.

Forgive me for thinking of building my own. For forgetting the distressing disguise of Jesus on the face of so many. For wanting to store up trinkets here instead of treasures in Your kingdom.


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Empathy and Feeling Alone and Jesus

I had the privilege of taking the Strengths Finder when we were church planters in France. I remember three of my strengths today:

1. Achiever (Oh how this makes sense! Those of you who have read my blog any length of time know I tend to equate my worth with what I produce. I’m learning to let go of that, but the DNA of achievement is still woven through me.)

2. Communicator. (Yep, this makes sense….

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Ever ask yourself: What is the Gospel?

The Gospel: The Most Sacrificial Love Story in History.

The players:
A Triune God. A rebellious people. A scrappy enemy.

The plot: The scrappy enemy of God entices a people to rebel and seek life outside their creator. No sacrifice made by the people in penitence satisfies a holy God, nor can they pull themselves up by the bootstraps to walk the way He would have them walk. So He becomes the solution by sending Himself…

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Jesus bore the wrath

I don’t know about you, but I don’t much like wrath. Much of my life has been spent avoiding other people’s wrath. I’m terrified of it. Anger directed toward me scares me. So today, the simple truth weaseled its way into my heart. Jesus bore God’s righteous wrath. He took it. He absorbed it. He wore it. He felt it. He experienced it.

Imagine bearing the righteous anger of God Almighty!

Jesus bore other wrath too–the wrath of fellow human beings, the wrath of the demonic hoardes. But none was so devastating as…

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When the Boulder Became a Pebble

I had the privilege of reading a remarkable book this week: Stone Crossings: Finding Grace in Hard and Hidden Places by L. L. Barkat.

In many ways, Barkat spoke to my heart (or rather, the Holy Spirit, through her pen, whispered some lifechanging words.) Consider this:

“Or maybe, in a kind of selfish pride,
I prefer the Master side of…

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Real Love is the Answer

A few days ago on my run, I switched things up a little bit, adding my ipod to the run. I usually enjoy running in silence, but this time I enjoyed listening to random songs. The first two songs really hit me, though, and I pondered them as I ran.

Love is the Answer by England Dan and John Ford Coley.

Real Love by The Doobie Brothers.

I remember loving these two song way, way back in my childhood, almost being drawn to them. How interesting. Both deal with unconditional love, with…

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Saturday Prayer: Everything

Lord, help me to stay in the moment today, to find a grateful heart, to rejoice in everything. I need Your heart, Your perspective, Your voice every day I walk this earth. Teach me to be compassionate, open, free. Live through me. Love through me.

I’m weary, worn out, and needy. But Your word says that in my weakness You are strong. So please be my strength today. Be my everything.

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Today’s Prayer: Heat

Lord, I did a silly thing biking in the heat, pushing myself, not drinking water, and now my body and brain are rebelling against me. Please help me rest today, to heal, to find comfort in not doing anything. For a doer like me, that’s hard. But I know You are the God of the Sabbath, so I submit myself to rest. Amen.

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