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Another incredible story that turned into a bestselling memoir

Last week I had the privilege of hosting Harry Bingham from the UK, discussing a breakout memoir. This week he shares an even more exciting story. This is proof that if you have a story to tell, don’t keep it in your head. Write it down.
Here’s Harry:

I wrote recently on this site about John Fenton and how I and my colleagues were able to help him bring his memoir to fruition. Yet his was not the most remarkable story we’ve handled.

That honour has to go…

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Melissa Pickens’ Thin Place: Slave No More

Melissa continues the themes of this post on her blog, Breathe Deeply. She partners with her husband to bring the message of healing and restoration to people through Rally Point Ministries.  (Want to encourage others by sharing your  Thin Place story? Read here to find out how.)
Several years ago, exhaustion found me lying in a heap on the floor, crying out to God. These were the cries of misery coming from the depths…

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Loretta Pearson’s Thin Place: God as Emotional Healer

Hurt happens. Healing can happen, too – even when the hurt is horrific. In today’s Thin Place story Loretta shows us we can receive God’s wisely gentle healing. (Has God ministered to you in a Thin Place? Want to share your story? Go here to read how.)


I was only 6 months old when the abuse began. At the age of eight I was taken to the root cellar and raped by my grandfather. After being raped I felt I was a dirty little girl. His shameful acts…

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Ginny Dodson’s Thin Place

Many Thin Places are born of adversity. Thankfully, healing is available through the grace of God. Visit Ginny’s photo blog at GraceGlimpses.com and her RamblinRose blog to see reminders of God’s goodness. (Would you like to share your Thin Place story? Here’s the info on how you can.)


What was to begin a happy season of our new family’s life ended the innocence of a little girl. My new step-father was returning from Vietnam. (more…)

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Kelli Zaniel’s Thin Place: Learn It Looking Backward

Kelli Zaniel’s story reminds us that some Thin Places appear in the midst of evil. Check out her blog, Mothers On a Mission to see more evidence of God’s redeeming power. Feel prompted to share your Thin Place story? Here’s how you can.


My modest apartment is flooded with darkness when I enter. As the lights flicker on, I notice my ex-boyfriend crouching like a wild animal in the shadows, an uninvited guest. He stands up. He walks towards me. He towers over…

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Sexual Abuse: Choose Your Enemies Wisely

enemiesYesterday on my run, the song “Cedars of Lebanon” by U2 came up. The last stanza stunned me. It’s taken me a day to digest it, but I believe there’s deep truth for the victims of sexual abuse hidden there. The lyrics:

Choose your enemies carefully, ’cause they will define you   Make them interesting ’cause in some ways they will mind you   They’re not there in the beginning but when your story ends   Gonna last with you…

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The Mark Part Four: The Idol of Victimhood

This is a hard post to write and admit to. But it’s true. You’d think that someone who was a victim of abuse would shun that victimhood status the moment she realized it, flinging it as far as the East is from the West. Nope. I coddled it. Nursed it. Loved it to ragged death.

At first I said nothing of the abuse. For ten years, I kept my mouth shut. I had nightmares, waking with sweat and fear and heart pounding, but I still didn’t reveal what had happened to me.

Then I met Jesus, and…

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10 Ways Sexual Abuse has Shaped Me.


In no particular order, here are ten things I’ve dealt with in the aftermath of being raped as a five-year-old:

  1. I have believed I have no worth, other than to be used for someone else’s pleasure. I’m thankful this has faded quite a bit, and Jesus has healed me of so much. Still, it lingers. I can easily feel used in so many different areas of my life.
  2. I have been extremely afraid of the dark, of sleep, of storms, of scary situations, of…

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The Mark: A Locating Device for Predators


This came from a reader recently:

A thought for your blog sometime… I would be really interested in hearing you talk more about this idea that those who are abused are”marked.” I read about this and believe that it’s true, but I’d like to hear more of your thoughts on it.

I’ll answer this in the next several posts, but I wanted to start with one I wrote about a year ago about the mark and how it’s affected me professionally.


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From a reader of my recent posts about boundaries in relationships . . . about predators

From Iona–a guest post by a blog reader:

Here are some lessons I’m finding must be taken to heart. These apply to perpetrators in general.

1. Touch Tests: A perpetrator will test your reception of his presence. A perpetrator may be attentive to the story of your past. He may wink as he evaluates your response to his presence. Testing may be in the form of a slight touch of the fingers or hands, or a hug. In I Corinthians 7:1, Paul exhorts man not to touch a woman, and perhaps…

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