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Wine Poured Forth

We used to live in wine country (France)–a place where one could buy a great bottle of wine for two euros. I’m not much of a wine drinker, not much at all, so I don’t understand the sacrifice of pouring forth wine. But melted dark chocolate? Maybe.

There’s something amazing about taking that which is precious and pouring it forth. Perhaps that is why I love this poem from Streams in the Desert. It reads:

Measure your life by loss and not by gain,

Not by the wine drunk, but by the wine poured forth.

For love’s strength is…

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Laura Parker’s Thin Place: The. Perfect. Car.

Sometimes God meets our ordinary needs with extraordinary provision. Laura and her husband Matt now have three kids and serve in Thailand at Breanna’s House of Joy. You can connect with Laura via her Life Overseas blog or on Twitter @LauraParkersays. (You can encourage others with your Thin Place Story by submitting it here.)


My thin place takes the shape of a car. A Toyota 4Runner to be exact.

Let me explain. The first five years of our marriage took us around the world and back…

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A Sonnet about God Seeing Me (hint: He sees you too)

I wrapped up Thin Places with this sonnet. It recounts the rescuing God who saw me weeping under the evergreen at that camp so long ago. Yesterday, I read this poem for my webcast about transitions of faith. (Check back, you’ll be able to download it for free in a few days.) As I read it out loud, I could feel, taste, and discern God’s love afresh. He saw me in my decay and chose to lift me from it. I love what the Psalmist says, “But as for me, the nearness of…

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When God Answers Specifically

Some of you may know that I’ve been discouraged lately about my writing career. Not big stuff, just little things toppled one upon the other. If you’re not careful (particularly in life), you can begin to think those little disappointments suddenly define you. 

So I prayed. I said, 
“Lord, please encourage me specifically in my writing ministry. Please let…

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What if all we had was Skin Deep?

I flipped through channels the other day, landing on this inane show about who looked good in swimsuits and who did not.

They profiled an older lady who wore a bikini. When they showed a shot of her backside, the trendy hosts went OFF on her. Words like, “She better hide all that flubber.” or “She has no right to be in public like that.”

While I understand the importance of covering ourselves modestly (of course), it was the banter of these airbrushed people that horrified me. The woman’s worth had everything to do with how she…

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An important post to read

“The Elephant in the Room” is my recent addition to Christian Fiction Online magazine. It wasn’t easy to write, nor was the wisdom gained easily won. Here’s the skinny: In this business (or any business you’ll be a part of), you will interact with people of the opposite sex either in person or via email. How you decide to handle your interactions is up to you. But you must be purposeful and honest. Brutally honest.

There are some of you out there reading this post who are caught up in the ecstasy of an emotional affair…

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The Scary Girl Dream

So I had this dream.

In it, a girl I once knew sat behind a desk shuffling papers. Each paper was an indictment against me, detailing what I’d done wrong. She showed those papers to anyone who would pass by, and each one would nod, look at me with disgust, and walk on by. Every person agreed with her assessment of me.

Problem was, as she read from the papers, I realized each page had a glaring error on it, some little detail that tinted the entire page. That one little falsehood made me look awful. Without…

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Be blessed: Jesus sees. He came for you.

Beautiful words. True words. Are you broken today? Jesus knows.

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Ever Been Misunderstood? Maligned? GOD SEES.

I’m reading an interesting (probably out of print) book entitled Madame Guyon Martyr of the Holy Spirit by Phyllis Thompson. The book is about a woman named Madame Guyon who loved Jesus Christ while communing with Him through prayer, Bible reading and self-denial during the seventeenth century in France.

What struck me was how many times she was misunderstood and maligned. Everywhere she turned, folks were stirred up about her from her enemies. And yet, she felt joy when she encountered all this. Even in prison.

Today, Patrick and I spent lunch at some new friends’ home…

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Would we notice?

Consider this quote:

“I think there’s a danger spiritually, for many of us, that if God packed up and left town today we might not notice until tomorrow, or worse. We have strategies and structures that can easily bypass the Holy Spirit, strategies for funding, strategic ways of prioritizing time and advancing the kingdom which were ignored completely by Jesus. He allowed the woman with the issue of blood to divert His 911 call to a dying girl’s bedside. He never established a Bible school and never even thought of a name for His…

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