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13 Days to a New Heart, New Life!

I’m really excited about this 13-day email extravaganza! I’ve long believed that the principles in Everything: What You Give and What You Gain to Become Like Jesus were meant to be applied. And lived. And experienced. The result? Transformation. Joy. Newness.

Here are some personal benefits:

“I’ve just finished Everything, though, and I’m stunned. I’m not sure I can find a way to articulate just what this book did to me, but suffice it to say that…

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You need to rest

This is the message spoken loudly over me by many, by Jesus, by myself. Have you heard the calling to rest too?

Here’s a checklist to determine if you need rest.

  1. I forget things I normally don’t forget.
  2. I fall asleep to the TV.
  3. I can’t focus on the task at hand; my mind wanders.
  4. My thoughts multiply and I can’t quiet them.
  5. I have a hard time praying. Or my prayers are one word like, “Help!”
  6. I’ve gained weight.
  7. There are circles under my eyes.
  8. I cry easily.
  9. Christmas is more overwhelming than usual.
  10. It’s hard for me to get up in the morning.

If you…

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Truth: You Sparkle!

When she left my home, I saw disco-like lights bounce around me. “It must by my sparkly belt,” she said. We both laughed, shared another quick conversation about life, frustration, and Jesus, and parted.

Later that day, the sparkle lights twirled around me. They hadn’t been a result of my friend’s belt. No…they emanated from this (duh!) disco-ball necklace I wore that day.

I’d spent the entire day being sparkly without knowing it.

I believe that’s the way our lives are. We get so caught up in the doings of life, our concerns block out our recognition of…

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These are a few of my favorite things!

{awesome stuff–intangible or tangible–that you might want}

I’m passionate about helping you live uncaged and free. These are a few of my favorite things (I haven’t been able to find “whiskers on kittens” for sale…sorry).

Bloggy things:

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Why “Live Uncaged”?


God has been up to something new in my life over the past year. An unsettling. A shift in perspective. A new life. He is freeing me, moment by moment.

Which is why I changed my tagline from Turning Trials to Triumph to Live Uncaged. 

It’s not that I don’t embody the first tagline. It’s that it seemed to place more emphasis on trials, and I really didn’t like the word triumph. It connotes something I’ve done, as if I’ve triumphed over my past…

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Writers: Get Your Book Published!

I’ve long been feeling that my Live Uncaged site (here) has been a bit schizophrenic. I wrote about living an uncaged life while simultaneously blogging for up and coming writers. Some of you may not even know that I offered mentoring services at a site once called The Writing Spa.

Now everything is under one happy roof, er, cage. The cool thing? I’m starting a Write Uncaged newsletter. If you sign up, you’ll receive a tutorial about uploading e and POD books, complete with an editorial checklist. Click here and sign up for the…

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Spiritual Abuse: 10 Ways to Spot it

spiritualabuseThis topic has been ricocheting in my heart and head many years. But recently, I’ve noticed a greater influx of reader email about this topic, so much so that I felt it would be wise to address it. Although I am thankful I haven’t had an extreme experience with spiritual abuse, I have had some incidences that have scarred me and made me leery of churches and ministries that bully. (more…)

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The 11 Secrets of Getting Published!

The 11 Secrets of Getting Published, is a compilation of my best tips on getting published. In this 60,000 word book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop discipline.
  • Weather rejection.
  • Woo an agent with your amazing query letter and/or proposal.
  • Understand the publishing business.
  • Perfect your writing craft.

At the end of the book are three bonus sections:

  • I’d be published, but . . . where writers share their excuses for not publishing, and I gently admonish them to overcome their fears and move forward.
  • A quick publishing tip guide.
  • My story of publication

Over 300 pages chock full of information for…

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The Muir House trailer & ch. 1

The Muir House releases next Monday the 27th of June. So far the feedback from my influencers has been overwhelmingly positive, something that thrills me. Folks are staying up late into the night, page turning. And several have said this is my best novel yet. I hope so. It’s my desire to write each book better than the last. I want to always be improving.

Side note: The story takes place in my town, Rockwall. The photo is of the actual house in which I…

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Publish Your E-book in 7 Simple Steps!


I never thought I’d self publish anything. Truly. I’m a traditionally published girl with eleven books under my author belt. I love my publishers, love what they’ve done. But there came a time when one of my book ideas didn’t fit within their needs.

The kernel of the idea to e-publish started when I pioneered my nonfiction and fiction proposal tutorials to help authors with the difficult process of writing a book proposal. Sure, they were simple e-documents I sold here from my site, but they weren’t made…

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