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France glimpse 1: without words

I’m revising some old posts from our time in France to give you a glimpse of what our lives were like there, as well as to highlight some of the lessons I learned. I still don’t write publicly about how our time went there, but I’m comfortable with this week’s glimpse. I’ve kept the comments there too, to complete the picture. As I look back on these posts, I see how much deep, lasting growth happened in the pain. I’m so very thankful.

If you’d like to read…

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The Skinny on France

It seems like a lifetime ago that we flew to France as a family to explore our calling and see if that’s where God would have us serve. This picture was taken at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. The kids did really well when we traveled, though they were all very tired. They were 10, 7, and 5.


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The Night I Danced in France

France had a way of beating me down. Not the whole country, but the sum of our experience there. We’d made friends who were leaving the country and decided to throw an enormous, lavish party.

I didn’t really want to go. I was in that place where I’d rather stay at home, safe inside the four walls of our tiny place, and be quiet and sad. But this was such a big celebration, I knew I couldn’t bow…

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Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies…

John 12:24: “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”

This is our friend Rebecca who died in late 2008 from Malaria. Below is a report about her funeral and the result of it from Pastor Isaac Wuni.

“As we celebrated our anniversary, we also prayed for an opportunity to reach out with…

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In a Way that Will Bring Healing

I’m having another one of those dark days in France. Maybe it’s the rain pouring down on the tiled roof. Sometimes I wonder why God rains sorrow on our already-pitiful parade. I feel sorry for poor Job, enduring all that downpour. In the past several months, I’ve wondered WHY. Why has church planting been so difficult? There have been more days than I can count when I’ve wanted to give up. And then I get upset, wondering, Is this just how it goes? Do we face heartache and stress upon stress for nothing? Why does…

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First Service a Success

Thank you, Lakepointe, for printing our banners!
Julia wanted to help. She put candles in votive holders (with a smile!).
We set up the room cafe style. This is how the table tops looked. The bulletins and other information was placed inside the buckets.

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Today is the Day!

This was our postcard invitation we gave to the people in our community. Only 4 hours until launch!
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Gearing Up

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

Our first Crossroads International Christian Church of the Cote d’Azur (say that ten times fast!) has its first official public gathering tomorrow at 3:30. Our team is running around like crazy people. I’m printing off bulletins as I type this. There are all sorts of weird fears running through our heads:

  1. What if no one shows up?
  2. What if the sound equipment blows up?

Please pray for us as we embark on this new stage of church planting. We are so thankful that Lakepointe has sent a team of eight to help us….

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Crazy is as Crazy does!

I feel a bit nutty these days, getting ready for our first public service this Saturday, writing under deadline, and being away from home far too many days. In the last 36 days, I’ve been gone 20 of them, all for church-planting related business. I just want to be home, and, thankfully, I will be home until July when I venture to Denver for ICRS.

So, please, if you find the time, pray for us here on the Cote d’Azur, particularly for the first service:

  • That we’d enjoy this week of preparation.
  • That the sound equipment and video…

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Mary, I am not

Please forgive my yoda-speak. I’ve been thinking about that story where two women interact with Jesus–one named Mary, one named Martha. Mary sits at Jesus’ feet, adoring Him, listening to Him, being with Him while Martha bothers herself with tasks and weariness.

Mary, I am not.

And, therefore, merry, I am not.

Martha, I have become.

Planting a church is hard. Being in a foreign country amplifies its difficulties. Loving my children, extending hospitality, going to meetings, organizing worship, paying bills, writing nearly full-time, cleaning–it’s all too much. From task to task to task I flit. I’m Martha on…

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