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The Missing Ingredient

Sometimes it happens by neglect. Sometimes, hurry. I’m not sure which it was this time around, but nonetheless I realized it last night. Perhaps my discouragement about my career runs deeper without it. What am I talking about?

The Bible.

My lifeline, my encouragement, my perplexity, my hope. Why do I let it slip from my grasp when I most need it? I’m running back to its pages today, resting in its embrace and tangle of life-giving words. Here’s a sample. I pray these holy words touch you today. (more…)

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What I’m Thankful For

Thanks again for SoulPerSuit and Sandra Glahn for a terrific study on the Sermon on the Mount.

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Why I Love Soul Per Suit (and teenage girls)

Responding to the narrow gate passage of the Sermon on the Mount. I’m struck by just how narrow the path to follow Him really is. This now sits next to my keyboard.

This is in response to Matthew 5:12. I am bewildered at times…

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Calm to a Whisper

He calmed the storm to a whisper and stilled the waves. What a blessing was that stillness as He brought them safely into the harbor! 

Psalm 107:29-30

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Our sunset tonight

O Lord, our Lord
How majestic is Your name in all the earth
Who have displayed Your splendor above the heavens!
Psalm 8:1

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Some surprising verses

I’ve started journal writing again. Not the online bloggy things, but real pen to paper jotting. I started doing this because I felt disconnected from Jesus and had forgotten that we connect well when I’m writing things down. So, I’ve spent some time writing my thoughts for no one to read but me, and I’ve taken to writing down Scriptures that surprise me. Here are a few nuggets. It’s my sincere prayer that one of these is just the one for you. These are all taken from the NLT Bible, which happens to be the…

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Sacred Failure

I normally have my One Year Bible handy when I have my breakfast. I’m delving into Jeremiah’s depression right now. To be honest, it makes me pretty darned sad for poor Jeremiah. But, alas, today, my One Year was two flights up and I was too lazy to get it. So I perused my bookshelf and came upon The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning. I’d read about half of it before, so I turned to a new chapter and feasted while I ate orange scones:

“What makes authentic disciples is not visions, ectasies, biblical mastery…

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Shower Cathedral

As the hot water pelted me this morning, familiar hymns burst from me.

I didn’t grow up in the church, didn’t feast on a staple of hymns. I learned them well into my teens after I’d met Jesus. I had this tape (see how old I am) of a group called the Second Chapter of Acts singing the hymns. When I attended Urbana 87, a huge missions conference in the Midwest, that tape came with me. I belted it whenever I could. It accompanied me on my journey of missions.

Fast forward nearly twenty years. I’m…

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Commercial or Literary or Both?

Today, Dave Long is discussing something worthy of your writerly time:

He writes:

Because there’s two different “kinds” of books you can sell. One is acceptable and one is looked at askance. And we’ll spend the next couple of days talking about these two types of books and the dangers of lifting one too high on a pedestal or demeaning the other. The two types we’ll talk about? Books readers know they want. And books they don’t know they want.

Jodi Picoult, in an article entitled, “Literary Lust vs. Commercial Cash,” in the November/December issue of

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WOWISH verses

I read these verses today and they resonated with the state of my heart:

Lord, You will grant us peace,
For all we have accomplished is really from You.
O Lord our God, others have ruled us,
But we worship You alone.


Yes! Everything I’ve accomplished is not really my accomplishment. It’s His. And He will grant peace. Though others may have been bent toward ruling over me, I worship God only. I bow to Him only. Amen and amen.

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