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For Lent, James Watkins is giving up…

This is a guest post from James (Jim) Watkins, a terrific communicator and author.

Two years ago, I posted my Top ten things I (Jim) am giving up for Lent

Seriously, though, I did try to give up dark chocolate for the 40 plus days leading up to Easter. It was an agonizing…

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Two books in two days!

Yesterday I received the ARC (Advance Reader Copy) of my upcoming novel, The Muir House. Here’s a little blurb: Willa Muir can’t say yes to the love of her life … until she explores her past and solves the mystery of a haunting dream. But when Willa’s desperate search unearths unthinkable secrets, her heart collapses. Can Willa shake her past to embrace a love that could finally lead her home? This book releases this summer and is set in Rockwall, Texas.

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Best advice for new writers

I’m thankful to have a cool cache of friends who are in the publishing industry. This post launches writer week, for all of those who want to be published or are strange enough to wonder about the process of publication, stay tuned each day. Today I’m blessed to offer you sage advice from many folks. Enjoy!

“Writing to be published is a lot like starting a new business. If you’re going to start a bakery, you can’t just have an interesting idea for…

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My first cartoon. Don’t laugh. (Oh wait, maybe you should.)

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Whose Name on the Book Gets the Glory

I sang the words, “Glorify your name” this Sunday at church. I meant them. And then I thought about God’s name: Yahweh, Jesus, Holy Spirit. The triune God. His name, His character infuses the Bible. He is the author, the writer, the initiator of all things. He writes the book. And since He writes it, He gets the glory for it. (more…)

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Mount Hermon Prayer 2010

I had the privilege again this year to pray at the Palm Sunday service at Mount Hermon. Not usually prone to write out my prayers for a situation like this, I felt God nudge me to be sure I prayed particular things. So I wrote it down. Here it is. I pray it blesses you. I pray it becomes your prayer, my prayer, our prayer.

“Ah Lord GOD! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth…

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Fun Times at Mount Hermon

Head Start Mentoring fiction. Great gals!

John Olson, me, Randy Ingermanson

Oh the flora!

Amazing bridge.

7 Publishing Myths



I don’t want to rain on your publishing parade, but I do want you to be realistic about traditional publishing. Here are 7 myths you need to know about.

  1. All authors make a bucket load of money! (Click to tweet this.) (Actuality: We make about 78 cents a book. Most of us make less than a teacher’s aid).
  2. Rejection ceases to exist once you’ve signed your first book contract. (Actuality: It gets worse, and the rejections hurt more.)
  3. Publishing is like those models who get…

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A Saul Writer?

“Samuel said, ‘Why then did you not obey the voice of the Lord, but rushed upon the spoil and did what was evil in the sight of the Lord?’

Then Saul said to Samuel, ‘I did obey the voice of the Lord, and went on the mission on which the Lord sent me . . . ” (1 Samuel 15: 19-20).

I read this passage with holy trepidation. What if I am Saul? What if I value the spoils more than the Lord? What if I chase after that which satisfies in the…

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What it takes to be a master writer

I share the “secret” of writing success over at Michael Hyatt’s blog today. He’s the CEO of Thomas Nelson. Let me know what you think. How many hours have you tallied?

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