Nonfiction Proposal Template

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Learn how to write a proposal by following an easy step-by-step process. This nonfiction proposal template simply gives you the outline you need to create the kind of proposal that gets noticed by agents and editors.

Senior Editor Ron Lee (WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group) says this:

“Mary’s book proposals reflect her intelligence, wit, and charm, as well as her high level of craftsmanship as a writer. And just as important, her concepts are fresh. She has no interest in covering the same ground that has been plowed already by other authors. That’s important to a book editor who is glassy-eyed from reading stacks of proposals.”



nonfictiontemplateIf you’re coming here from Amazon and are looking for the Word document that you can download and fill in to create your own stunning nonfiction proposal, you’ve landed at the right place.

Author Tracey Bianchi writes this about the proposal process Mary brought her through in the tutorial and template:

“Mary’s focused, easy to follow proposal tutorial took my project from idea to paperback almost overnight. After reviewing my first try at the proposal my agent said it was one of the best proposals she’d seen. Two months later I had a contract for my first book. I am so thankful for Mary’s proposal tutorial. It is straightforward, professional, and Mary knows exactly how to help an author bring her/his voice to this document. Thanks Mary for making my first book, Green Mama, a reality!”

Simply click to download, then fill in the template. We highly recommend you purchase Write a Winning Nonfiction Proposal first.

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$4.99 $2.97