The Unmarked Marriage Seminar (DVD)

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In The Unmarked Marriage DVD, Mary shares her story of abuse and healing. Together with her husband Patrick, they delve into how sexual abuse affected their marriage story. Patrick gives a compelling message about the theology of marriage, and they end the sessions by giving seven practical tips to be proactive in marriage now.

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Have you been sexually abused? How has this affected your life? Do you have flashbacks? Are you afraid to get close to others? Do you startle easily? Does sex freak you out? Has your spouse suffered because of the ramifications of your abuse?

First, let me say, this is normal, but these questions don’t have to define you. You can find healing, even in the context of marriage.

Join Patrick and Mary DeMuth for a 5-session DVD seminar about how your marriage can become a healing place for you. In this DVD, you’ll learn:

  • how to find healing from the past.
  • how NOT to be terrified of sex or the marriage bed.
  • how you and your spouse are not alone in this mutual struggle.
  • how to communicate openly, even if you’re afraid.
  • how to view your marriage in a different, dynamic way.

Watch The Unmarked Marriage Seminar alone, with your spouse, with a support group, alongside others who have suffered sexual trauma, and discover new ways to move forward.

If you’re a sexual abuse victim who has worried you’d never heal, or if you’re a spouse of a victim who just doesn’t know how to love and support a sexual abuse victim, find the hope and healing you’ve been looking for in The Unmarked Marriage Seminar.

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$25.97 $19.97