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If you’re curious what, exactly, are the 11 secrets, watch this brief video. I share them all! (But I don’t elaborate. I can’t give away the farm!)

See how easily you can learn the secrets of getting published!

Frustrated by how much there is to learn to finally see your name in print by a big publisher? Mired in confusion about your next steps? An accomplished nonfiction freelancer and novelist, Mary DeMuth understands the twists and turns of the publishing industry. She answers the question, “How can I be published?” by pulling 11 Secrets from her popular blog, Wannabepublished.

In this book, I teach you how to:

• Craft the kind of query letter that gets you noticed by industry professionals.
• Write stronger, powerful prose.
• Create effective writing routines to meet your daily and weekly goals.
• Navigate a writing conference with confidence.
• Find and woo an agent.

Read what other writers are saying:

“I seldom read a non-fiction from cover to cover, especially in just a couple of days, but I not only examined every piece of it, I pulled out my manuscript and took her advice to heart in a complete revision. Anyone interested in writing for publication should read this book!” Marji Clubine, writer

“Mary’s passion for writing and encouragement find their way onto every page. I would like to see the book in hard copy so pertinent portions can be highlighted for future reference.” Sharron Cosby, writer

“It is true that the road to publication is a rather bumpy one, but in her book, 11 Secrets of Getting Published, Mary DeMuth smooths the way for writers by showing them how to: Write nekkid, kill the adverbs, know editors, find story ideas, write great queries and proposals, as well as a heap of other writing tips to enhance the overall process.
With 11 Secrets to Getting Published, and a lot of “hard, hard work,” the path to professional publication may be closer than you think.” Olsonwriter

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Not convinced yet? That’s okay. I don’t want to give you a hard sell. But I will say the book has caused one editor to compose and sing a song. Watch for yourself!