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{Mary keynoting at the Made for More conference, summer 2012}

Mary loves sharing about the transforming power of Jesus, to see people’s lives unfold into freedom and peace and healing. That’s what makes her heart come alive–seeing audience’s grasp uncaged living, full of impossible (yet now possible) joy.


Mary has spoken around the world in a variety of venues. A sampling:


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Christian Living Topics

Business Topics

Christian Living Topics

All these topics can be one-off keynotes, and Mary has also developed them into 3-4 retreat messages.

Tear Down the Wall Around Your Heart


Mary helps listeners to discover the how of tearing down the wall by using the vehicle of The Lord’s Prayer. Many Christians live isolated and scared. They’ve been hurt by others, so they build a great, big, awful wall to keep the meanies out. Problem is, they also keep out LIFE. It is absolutely possible to live an openhearted, wall-nixed life! Watch Mary talk about her upcoming book, The Wall Around Your Heart:

 Find Everything Jesus Has for You


Find ways to let go so you can truly receive everything Jesus has to offer you. The secret to experiencing all the joy and peace Jesus has for you is one long word: relinquishment. In learning to let go of control and giving everything (relationships, work, stress, finances) to Jesus, you experience a deep camaraderie and peace. You weren’t created to carry the world on your shoulders.

Watch Mary talk about her book, Everything: What You Give and What You Gain to Become Like Jesus:

 Your Life, Uncaged


Mary helps you discover the pathway to an uncaged, freedom infused life, by taking you through an Oswald Chambers quote: “Let the past sleep, but let it sleep on the bosom of Christ, and go out into the irresistible future with Him.” To be uncaged is to be set free from the haunting of the past, to understand Jesus’ healing in the present, and to take risks today for the sake of an irresistible future. Based on the book, Live Uncaged.

 Discover Your Thin Places


Discover the power of finding your thin places so you can trace God’s hand through your story. Thin places are holy moments when God comes near, when the veil between eternity and earth is thin and you can hear the whispers of the Almighty. And often, God draws close to us in our pain. Hear Mary’s story of childhood sexual abuse, fear, parental death, and a longing to be seen, coupled with Jesus redeeming each broken part. Her story is the avenue for audiences to see Jesus in the pages of their stories and begin to find healing in the thin places. Based on her critically acclaimed memoir, Thin Places.

Watch Mary talk about her own story here:

 Be an Am


Mary helps you understand how God rewrites your past so you can live a vibrant, right-now life. God is not the Great I was. He’s not the Great I will be. God is the Great I Am, the God of the present tense. Learn how living in the present tense can free you from the shackles of the past. Discover the “I was” sentences you’ve uttered about the past, then believe in the power of Jesus to heal those difficult moments. An example from Mary’s life: “I was overlooked” changed to “I am wildly loved and affirmed by Jesus.”

 Uncover the Secret of Impossible Joy


Mary helps you mine joy from the soil of your life so you can live a life of impossible joy right now. Many people live their lives believing that joy is impossible. They’ve allowed past mistakes, hurts, and memories infect the joy meant for today. True transformation toward a joy-infused life comes from understanding God wants to change us from the inside out. We don’t need to playact our way, pretending we’re joyful. Instead, we embrace our weakness, invite Jesus into the brokenness, and experience genuine transformation that glows from inside.

 How to Fight our Beautiful Battle {and Find Lasting Victory}


Mary helps you find true spiritual victory in the midst of the sometimes unrelenting spiritual warfare we all face. There is a battle swirling around believers today. Your job is to neither ignore its reality or freak out over Satan’s schemes. Instead, you can find victory by seeing God as bigger than everything, elevating Him, and learning to silence the angry, accusing voices in our heads. You can fight for your family, your relationships, your school and our neighborhood, but you do so on our knees, all the while believing in the bigness of your great, great God. Based on the book, Beautiful Battle.

Watch Mary share a story from her family, how they fought the beautiful battle for their daughter.

Business Topics

 How Do I Get Published?


Mary helps you find the path to publication. In this world of changing publishing paradigms, how do you best navigate the dream of seeing your name in print? Mary offers an insider’s perspective, having traditionally published over a dozen nonfiction and fiction books. She’s also self and e-published several other titles. She understands the industry, knows how to build a platform, and has an instinctive way about marketing and capitalizing on social media that doesn’t turn readers off. This is your everything-you-need-to-know-about-publishing workshop. For corporations wanting to publish, writers conferences, or people gathering to publish their own stories, Mary can tailor her publication talks to fit your unique needs. A compilation of the book, The 11 Secrets of Getting Published.

 Master Social Media Joyfully


Mary helps you understand and implement social media in such a way that it’s natural, warm and inviting. Learn the nuts and bolts of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, GoodReads, etc.), while finding joy in reaching people. Find out how to manage your social media time in a way that doesn’t interfere with your work. Social media scares people, simple as that. It changes nightly, and it seems impossible to understand or master. Most fear it will take over their lives, and some worry they’ll become Me Monsters if they utilize it. Mary has learned the slow and steady method of understanding and using social media in an invitational, open way–a wooing toward community and connectivity.  For corporations dipping their toes into social media for the first time to artists timid about technical things and any group in between.

 Marketing Smart without Losing Your Heart


Mary helps you to market smart and still keep your heart. Hawking our wares can feel icky, self-centered, and egotistical. But there is a way to market what you love by valuing people and inviting them into your circle. You can still maintain your integrity, bless others, and discover joy while you promote your product. Mary has learned the balance between smart and heart. This talk or series of seminars are for any company wanting to market in new ways while still keeping a vital connection to their existing customers.

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