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Find healing from Sexual Abuse:

I’ve walked a long, long road to healing, and here are ways I’ve been able to cope and become whole again.


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How Do I Get Published?

Since many have asked for writing help, here are 9 free articles that’ll get you started.


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 11secretscoverSide note: Everything I know about publishing, I compiled in my book The 11 Secrets of Getting Published.

 Click the image to purchase it. I basically took my publishing and writing brain and dumped it (in a way that makes sense) onto the pages of this book.


Live Free:

All of us want to live free, unencumbered lives. Here are three articles that set you free from spiritual abuse, crazy diets, and your own battle with the past. Oh how Jesus wants to help us live free! Cool free stuff.




Work Smart:

If you’re wanting to work smart and get things done, here are three things that have helped me. I’ve learned to zero out my inbox and become an email jedi. I believe you can too. Really! And that’s not the end of your potential Jedi powers. You can master Twitter too! And last, I’ve become far more productive after using the Pomodoro Technique. I believe it will help you too.

Besides that, I believe you can marry abundance with your business. And as you do that, add to your expertise by forming your own mastermind group. It’s the single most beneficial thing I’ve done for my business in the last year.

I’m also adding a bit of fun to the mix with a Free PDF on creating your own pins with







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Help for Parents:

I started my writing life writing parenting books. The best thing you can do to love your kids is create a haven home where they are wildly enthusiastic about coming home every day. I have a heart to see parents set free from their past so they don’t duplicate what they didn’t like growing up. As my children leave the nest, I have some wisdom to impart about preparing your kids for the big, bad, amazing world beyond your front door.

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