Launch Team

By far the best thing I’ve done as I’ve launched Everything is to assemble a launch team. I invited folks to apply online, closed it early because I had more than enough, and had to pare the list down to 100. These are amazing folks! Visit their sites and add a comment or two. They’ve done amazing things on behalf of me and this book.

Lisa Colón DeLay
A Spiritual Formation enthusiast with zany tendencies and a “won’t quit” creative side. I’ve been blogging since 2007, and this year I’ve moved away from featuring themes related to my grad. school studies, directing my energies instead on nourishing and inspiring Creators and Communicators–who are the contemporary incarnations of the “prophets-of-old”. (This was an existential move too, because of a phase of “Blogger-Drama Fatigue Disorder”.)

I love what Mary’s book is about. It raw, honest, and ready to encourage the hard work of spiritual maturity.

Kim de Blecourt

I have a passion for the fatherless and those who care for them! I am an orphan advocate and believe that every child has a right to a family. I am an avid reader, an often challenged writer and a casual voice actor (my favorite thing to record is audio books). I can’t wait to dig into Mary’s EVERYTHING book…

Shannon Milholland

I am the voice of Jesus & My Orange Juice, a fresh-squeezed oasis for ordinary living. Whether I’m facing miles of carpools or piles of laundry, I find contentment in my everyday life and delight in leading others to this place of joy. Making Jesus your EVERYTHING is essential to living an extraordinary ordinary life. Can’t wait to get into as many hands as possible!

Leslie Wilson

Humor permeates my Thrive It Up! blog which helps folks understand that what you get is what you see–not the other way around. Since I’ve been Mary’s critique partner (and cheerleader/hand-holder/recipe taster) for about ten years, I’m eager to help her launch any book. But EVERYTHING impacted my life so deeply I want others to know about this amazing resource. I’m eager to get to know y’all and learn about this launch process for someday . . .

Leigh Hudson

I am currently writing a book about God’s amazing redemption of my utterly broken life. My blog supports my writing. I’m thrilled to be on the launch team and can’t wait to see how Everything changes a lot of things in my life! This is my second launch team and I’m super-pumped!!

Deanna Albrecht

I help women get “off the fence” spiritually and help them see how a relationship with God can changes lives. I am excited to help launch what’s on God’s heart for all of us – through Mary’s book, Everything!

Kim McClure

I have been a Christ follower for most of my life, sometimes being much more successful than others, but God really started taking me on a spiritual journey almost a year ago. I have learned a  lot about prayer, faith, envy, and pride. It is still an ongoing journey, but my blog is focused on taking a scripture that speaks to me and sharing what it says and inviting others to share what their journey may look like too. I am excited to share in this venture because I believe that we all go through unique experiences that God wants us to share with others to support each other. I am looking forward to spreading the news about this book that will help other Christ followers.

Chase Brooks

I’m a young preacher, and I work in ministry to follow the Lord’s lead to meet people, specifically the younger generation where they are at in life with His love. I am looking forward to helping launch because I know that this truth, that Mary has sought to spread in her book is something people my age really need to hear.

Kurt Bubna

Started this blog to reach and encourage the 2,000 or so who call Eastpoint their church home. Love to share with God’s people about the journey. Really enjoy the process and privilege of being on a launch team. Fun! Inspiring! Educational too!

Mindy Bowman

We are new creations in Him (2 Corinthians 5:17) and that’s what my blog is about…the way we can start fresh every day while enjoying the serious and wacky of a life in Jesus. Being part of the launch team is like coming to a party where everyone knows your name! It’s about being blessed by new friendships, new ideas and new ways to spread and share the love, grace and mercy of Jesus.

Kim Teamer (aka Eva Kim)

Purposed for praise and in pursuit of the Most High, I am dedicated to edifying, encouraging, inspiring and igniting others to follow Christ. My blog is all about Bible study, book club chats/reviews, inspired connections and the chase.
Launching EVERYTHING will be an exciting adventure! I love knowing that I will have another chance to be an INFLUENCER. There is nothing like sharing messages of grace with others.

Katherine Harms

I help people see the ways that our culture and our government, increasingly shaped by secular thought, are attempting to lock all expressions of faith inside church buildings. I also help people mature their faithful and loving testimony through meditation, prayer and Bible study in the face of all attempts at suppression of faith in public life.  I am excited to be part of this team, because I believe that Mary’s book nourishes the attitudes and practices Christ taught as our defense and our testimony against the assault of evil  and secular thinking.

Cheri Gregory

Excited (relieved?!?) to be at a place in life where I finally “get it”: my husband isn’t my everything…my kids aren’t my everything…my students aren’t my everything…not food, not books, not pets, not even horses (well…;-) are my everything. Only Jesus. Looking forward to learning from Mary and sharing what I’m learning!

Kara Chupp

…A place where I share about clinging to God through the joy and sorrow of everyday life (because with our crew, there has been quite a bit of both).  On a practical note—I tend to write about family, traditions, marriage, parenting, adoption, grief, nature, education, bugs and books. I’m thankful to be part of the Everything Launch Team because when I read through even just the Preface of “Everything”…it felt like my heart (and everything I’m wrestling with and clinging to these days) was poured out there in those pages.  I can sense that this book will honestly be used to draw many hearts close to Him and to challenge us to open our hands and place “everything” back in His.  That is exciting to me!  Feels really worthwhile and I already am enjoying *meeting* so many of you!

Tammy Perlmutter

I write to make sense of a life that has had more twists and turns than a Swiss mountain pass. I created my blog, Raggle-Taggle, to be a space for readers to let out a sigh and say, “Me too. I thought I was the only one.”
I am honored to be a part of this launch team and look forward to meeting like-hearted travelers. I love to encourage and engage with other writers, especially ones like Mary DeMuth, who lavish so much grace on their readers.

Lindsey Whitney

Growing Kids Ministry is  blog designed to help parents, teachers, and Children’s Ministry workers who want to help the kids they love grow in their faith.   The blog is filled with Bible lessons, craft ideas, and other resources. I am looking forward to meeting some new friends and exploring some great sites.  I am thrilled about learning how to make Jesus my “everything” instead of looking to the approval of others.  Too often, I lean on my own accomplishments and forget to rely on the Lord.  I am excited to be promoting this great book and helping get it into the hands of those who could benefit from it.

Hope Harris

My name is hope I am on a journey to reconcile my faith and spirituality.  In February of 2009 when I became a Christian I encountered peace as I began to follow Jesus.    My journey has been about surrender .  It cost me a great deal to even begin my walk as a Christian  my long-term relationship, many friendships,  a move from the gorgeous Pacific Northwest to landlocked East Texas.   Was it worth it absolutely did I think it was crazy to do it…YES I did.    In retrospect I do not regret the choices I made or the God I now serve.  I recently had the privilege of meeting and hearing Mary DeMuth at The Exodus International Freedom Conference.  The impact of her story and workshop has helped propel me forward in my relationship with Jesus.  Looking forward to being part of of the Everything launch team and discovering how Jesus can be my everything.

Kris Camealy

Learning to cultivate a heart of thankfulness has given me strength to endure some of the most difficult challenges I’ve faced over the years. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 tells us that thankfulness is an act of obedience to the Lord. I write to encourage others to learn to live joyfully in obedience. Mary’s book Everything encompasses the very heart of what it is to give your life to Christ, and to let Him be your everything. I am excited to help spread the message to others who will benefit from hearing it!

Renee Ann Smith
I’m a teacher, writer, small-town girl, and story-lover. My theme is “Be an opener of doors for such as come after thee.” I love to encourage others to experience a rich life in Christ and believe Mary’s book will touch many hearts. I’m excited to be a part of what God will do!

Ginny Couch and

I am a mother of 9, a photographer, budding writer and a lover of any and all things that encourage freedom….I counsel with many women who are seeking this journey also.  God put me on the journey of finding my heart after losing 3 babies in a row and a marriage of 20 years.  Once He began healing my heart, I began to see how HE needed to be my EVERYTHING….it is a constant battle with all that He has called me to do, but it is my heart. I have 2 blogs…one would probably not be of much interest, it is my photography…the other is RamblinRose…where I share my heart, my life and my gifts with others…hoping to be an encouragement…realizing that we all struggle, but all the while keeping perspective on what’s really important.  Transparency and Authenticity is my personal mantra….I am so thrilled to be part of this team…I am learning so much and hope to glean as much as I can and at the same time fulfill my purpose in being here….

Paula Whidden

This ezine helps us see and understand how our choices affect our destination, because as courageous people we want our choices to reflect our faith in Christ: in life, in marriage, in parenting and in social media. As a member of the Everything launch team, I’m excited to meet the other members, to learn more about the book launch process, and share the joy of everything with everyone because Jesus is my everything.

Joseph Lalonde

I help young leaders find the tools and resources they need to thrive in a chaotic world. You’ll find leadership advice, book reviews, interviews with leaders, and much more on my blog. Looking forward to helping Mary make this book a success. After reading the first couple of chapters, I’m sure it will be an easy sell to the public!

Elisa Pulliam &

I am a life-long mentor, life coach, ministry leader, and speaker on a mission of seeing women equipped with the Word so they can impact the next generation with relevant truth. Being a part of the Everything launch team is a perfect opportunity to bring solid theology into the hands of those I most desire to serve. I’m equally excited about becoming connected with other members of the launch team.

Allison K. Flexer

I first met Mary DeMuth when she taught my writing boot camp class at Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference four years ago. In addition to being a great teacher, she’s a fabulous writer. Since that time, I have loved reading both her fiction and nonfiction books. As a single woman writing for an audience of other single women, I believe Mary’s new book, Everything, has a great message for us. We need Jesus to be our Everything! I’m excited to be part of this team because I want to help launch this vital truth.

Pam Matthews and

My personal website is a place to collect my thoughts and ideas and resources. I am my own target audience. You can tell a little about me by the menu items I list: Tips, Bible, Ponderings, Book Reviews, Travel, What? Sports, Trafficking, Do Something, 5 Minutes. One other unique fact is that I’m a church IT Director. The second website is for Human Trafficking information – fighting to end slavery is my passion. I’m excited to be a part of this fun launch team – and to help make “Everything” a success. I believe the connections made over and around this book will be invaluable to the Kingdom.

Eric Speir and you can follow me on Twitter:

I am a pastor, writer, life coach and an educator. On my blog I like to use biblical principles, coaching, practical wisdom and encouragement to help others to thrive in every area of their life. I write mostly on the topics of leadership, personal development, devotionals, family and random things that I find funny such as an occasional Top Ten list. I’m excited to be a part of this launch team because I want to help Mary and I want to learn from her in the process. My life-long dream is to become a writer and I want to connect with like minded individuals.

Brittany Ketter

My personal website (Single Seasons) is a reflection of my heart for young women in the season of singleness to develop a passion for God and in growing to know Him more intimately, receive and live by that greater revelation of what makes up a godly lady-in-waiting and eventually, a godly wife and mother. This passion comes out of a knowing of the fallenness and brokenness that God brought me out of and is based on my life-verse, Hebrews 12:1-2, which calls me to live, pursue, love and endure. The “Writers Pop” is part of my Pursuit of Publishing program. I blog about writing, publishing and getting there! I am absolutely ecstatic to be a part of this launch team because one of my passions is helping people to achieve their goals and dreams. I love to contribute in any way that I can, especially with shared passions. I also fancy marketing and business and connecting with like-minded people (the best of that being Jesus is our EVERYTHING!).

Heidi Kreider

I am a Jesus lover, wife of 18 years, and mom to 3 Es… one in public high school, one in private middle school, and one home for school with me.   I recently wrote and published my first novel and have found what I want to be when I grow up.  I write… I speak… I do mountains of laundry, piles of dishes, cook numerous meals, and drive the family taxi.  I blog about living life and unwrapping the presence of God in each day. I met Mary on Michael Hyatt’s Platform Launch Team and have been blessed by her gracious willingness to answer my many questions as a new author.  Reading Everything has changed how I view the things I write… it’s all His and to Him belongs all glory. Honestly, I’m am thrilled to be on this team!  I can’t wait to see what God will do through Everything.

Amy Young

Living with the tension of grace and truth can be wearying and it’s tempting to choose one side or the other. I challenge, encourage, and nudge people live life to the fullest in the messy middle where both grace and truth reside. I live in China, love to read, and see God at work in the ordinary. I am looking forward to seeing how creative we can be, bouncing ideas off of each other, having fun, and seeing God at work in and through us!

Laura Polk

I’m a textile designer, writer, and mom of 3 who longs to bring other women closer to God through transparent discussions about faith, life, and relationships. I’m the Thursday host at Moms Together on facebook and am ramping up a new fb ministry called Rookie Sisterhood in which I hope to gather women of all faith levels to get real about what living a faith-filled life is really about. I’m honored to be a part of the EVERYTHING team, and so excited to see the positive effect it will have on the lives it touches!

Jennifer Camp

I’m a writer passionate about reminding women, His girls, of the truth of who they are, in God’s eyes.  My story is one of bad choices, selfishness, and darkness — and then the beginning of me with Him, a transformed life of hope, beauty, and redemption.  I am beginning a new adventure this fall, writing a book about and for His girls, as I continue to lead a group of women, in my home, called My Girls, the foundation of community with Him that keeps me authentic, raw, and reaching for Him.  I am so grateful to be a part of the Everything launch community — believing whole heartedly in Mary’s message that, with our lives fully surrendered to what God has, only then, despite all the trials we may face, we will fully live.

Mandy Pfeiffer

I am a wife, mom, worship leader, writer, but most importantly a student of Jesus. I am  super excited to be part of this book launch because I truly love the work that Mary does and can’t wait to be involved. I have a deep passion to reach other women , especially young moms and homemakers, and really teach the word. I really believe in the work that Mary does to empower others to be surrendered to Him in their lives. I just hope to glean some wisdom… to rub up against such a great mind is an honor!

Raquel Haggard

I’m a full time Quality Improvement Director and a part time writer. I’ve self-published 11 cookbooks and in May my first traditionally published book released–Rebuilding Your Temple. It’s a 14-week guided journal about faith, food and fitness. I’m excited to help another writer release her book and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to read a book before everyone else!  🙂

Alene Snodgrass

Seeking to know who I was and how I could be comfortable “just being me” I sought God, many books, and person after person to determine my purpose. After years of searching, I took the challenge to live my life as “Positively Alene.”  I write and speak to help others find their purpose by serving others. My life was changed when I was called to serve the broken and unknown in the inner city. It was then that I truly discovered the freedom of giving everything to God. I’m so excited to be part of Mary’s launch team. I not only want to learn from her as I’m working on a book, but I want to see more people realize there is so much more to life when we give our EVERYTHING  to Christ.

Pam’s Page

I am a Messianic Gentile who has found LIFE in the one Moses wrote about in the Torah, and about whom the prophets also wrote—Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.”  It’s interesting that Mary’s book is called Everything because the Bible tells says  we (you)  are to love God (v’ahavta et Adonai Elohecha) with all your heart (b’kol levavcha), all your soul (uv’kol nafshechah), and all your strength (uv’kol meodecha).  The word translated “strength” in Hebrew normally  is an adverb meaning “very.”  With all your “very” means the utmost, very much, with the best of all that you have– your everything!  May Mary DeMuth’s book help us love God with and as our “everything” in even greater measure.

Alycia Morales

I am a woman who wears many hats: daughter of the King, wife, mother of 4, step-mom of 1, minister, writer, editor, and coffee-lover. At The Thoughtful Spot, I share encouraging thoughts with other women in the hopes that they, too, may find God in every area of life. I am super excited to be a part of Mary’s Everything launch team and cannot wait to see how God uses her words to change my life, the lives of our team, and the lives of her readers far and wide. I’m expecting this to be an amazing creative experience.

Becky Bilby

I am a mom of 5 wonderful kids – 2 through adoption and LOVE that too!  My husband and I direct children’s ministries at our church and I work as a librarian at our local public library!  I have loved books since I could read on my own!  I love to blog about books too in my free time. I am thrilled to be a part of this team – I have started the book and am finding it to be JUST what I need right now – but that is Mary for you – always hits me right where I am!!!

Tor Constantino

I’m a communications professional with more than twenty-three-plus years combined experience as a print/broadcast journalist and a Fortune 500 corporate public relations professional. I use that journalistic perspective to primarily write about family and faith. Most importantly, I’ve been married to my wife for more than 17 years and we’ve got three beautiful children. It’s an honor to be part of this team, and to help amplify Mary’s message of faith, hope and inspiration.

Donna McBroom-Theriot!/search/MyBookofStories

I am a writer and a book reviewer. I have had a deep faith for most of my life, but it really saved me during a bad divorce and subsequent alienation from my daughters. After sixteen years, I am finally coming out the other side and I am relying deeply on my faith to guide me. I have just begun my journey of incorporating my faith into my writings on my blog. I am looking forward to having Mary as a mentor and being a part of this amazing group of people who are busy spreading their faith. I look forward to learning from everyone.

Doris Cush

I provide true-life musings to encourage and inspire weary women to embrace God’s truth in living a purpose-filled life every day (Isaiah 50:4). I look forward to the unexpected to become known and for the unseen God to be revealed. No more hiding and pretending. God is in the everything and thank you for your obedience to provide us with the access vehicle.

Tammy Helfrich

I blog about life, marriage, encouragement, and love sharing LifeChanger stories. I encourage people to embrace their story and understand that their voice matters. I look forward to getting to know the people on this team better.

Julie Wilson

Still trying to find my voice, learning to write; my blog is a little bit of everything. My life verse is 1 John 5:14-15.  I am learning and yearning to be confident in His strength for my daily life. Not sure I can keep up with all the great people here! 🙂

Maralee McKee

My passion and purpose is in showing others how to be the cool breeze in the lives of others. I’m a follower of Jesus, holding on tightly to HIm through the up-and-down journeys in my life. He’s taken me from a scared and abused child, to a shy and sad young widow, to the (mostly) confident and secure woman, wife, and mom I am today. For the last twelve years I’ve shared modern manners skills to children, ministry leaders, women’s groups, and Fortune 500 executives. My purpose and passion is to equip others with the skills that will help them interact with ease, confidence, and kindness as ambassadors for Christ. I’ve taken the timeless wisdom of our grandmother’s manners kept in all her love and graciousness and updated the skills to meet the needs and sensibilities of our fast-paced, casual, techno-savvy culture. My first book Manners That Matter for Moms (Harvest House) will debut October 1. I’m honored and excited to be part of the Everything launch team so that I can put Mary’s wisdom into the hands and hearts of as many people as possible. To know that I had even a little something to do with the lives Christ will change through this book means everything to me.

Gigi Devine Murfitt

I love Jesus and desire to love people by encouraging them to know and understand His grace. He has been my everything through my journey. Mary’s heart for helping people know Jesus shines through in her writing and I feel so blessed to join this team. Let’s make Jesus famous! Woot! I feel called to share stories of courage and hope through my speaking, my blog and my books. My son, Gabe, and I recently released our book My Message is C.L.E.A.R. – Hope and Strength in the Face of Life’s Greatest Adversities (April 2012) where Gabe shares his inspirational story of how Jesus has helped him live a successful life in a very unusual body. (He’s missing the bones in his arms, his legs are fused in a bent position, and he is 45% deaf..) I enjoy helping other writers reach their potential through Northwest Christian Writer’s Association where I served as President for the last two years. My family established a nonprofit organization – Gabriel’s Foundation. Let’s make this launch a fun process as we join Jesus in helping people see that He is Everything!  Blessings sent to each one of you.

Mary R Snyder

Leading women to embrace the power of redemption, grace and laughter.  I’m an author/ speaker with a passion for adventure — and leading women into the incredible adventure of faith in Jesus Christ.  Thrilled, honored and excited to be on the Everything launch team!  I know what a blessing and a joy this experience will be for all who are along on this adventure!

Jill Potts Jones

Struggling Christian trying to find God’s purpose for my life (at 46 years old). I am a wife, mother, blogger, and legal secretary.  I enjoy scrapbooking, reading and spending time with my family.  I am honored to have been chosen as a part of the Everything launch team!

Lindsey Bell

I write about faith and family. My parenting book called Searching for Sanity will be out soon! I’m an author, stay-at-home mother to two crazy little boys, advocate to those who have suffered a miscarriage, and lover of adoption. My husband and I minister at a church in Missouri. I’m thrilled to be a part of Mary’s launch team because I know this book is going to change lives, and I’m lucky to be a part of the process!

Julie Sanders

When I explored my family history, I hoped to find people of compassion, bravery, and influence. Instead, I found souls who never found peace. Come Have a Peace is all about finding the peace God intends and living it out in everyday life. My life’s mosaic of teacher, mom, pastor’s wife, Women’s Ministry Director, and lover of cultures steers my writing to issues in missional living, marriage, and mothering. I love sharing God’s truth and peace with women around the world; His word inspires my words on the page and platform. What fun to be part of launching Everything to plant purpose and hope in weary hearts!

Corinne Baur

I wrote Running by THE BOOK,  which helps you persevere through the race of life by becoming physically and spiritually fit.  Specifically, Running by THE BOOK is a 12 week training program and Bible Study, paralleling our spiritual walk with running a 10K or half marathon race.   I am passionate about encouraging people to push outside their comfort zones and take their physical and spiritual lives to the next level.  My blog, Endorphin Insights, which is located within my website, is where I write the random thoughts I think about while running.  I also use my blog to encourage and coach runners through their training.  I am currently writing my second book, which will be a marathon training program and Bible study. I am thrilled to be a part of the Everything launch group!  I can’t wait to encourage a fellow author, to brainstorm with a group of creative people and help launch a book that will further God’s Kingdom.

Michelle Peterson

At Home On Orange Blossom Trail
Finding Hope in our Journey of Grief
My Daisy Belle- Our Adoption Journey

I am a stay-at-home Mom to a beautiful miracle named Ryleigh. After struggling with infertility for 15 years, Ryleigh came into our lives through the miracle of adoption! Hubby & I celebrated 19 years of marriage in July 2012. I’ve spent so much of my adult life trying to rewrite the script life handed me. I come from a very broken home of sexual, mental and emotional abuse and extreme instability. My parents have been married a combined total of 13 times. That’s a lot of baggage to carry around. 🙂 Searching for resources to help me move forward and heal is how I discovered Mary a few years ago. Her books have been a huge blessing to me! In 2010 & part of 2011, I lost 8 family members and friends in 13 months. These losses include cancer, suicide, toxic shock syndrome, heart attack and more. I am emerging from one of the darkest times of my life. Too many losses in too short a period of time leaves no time for grieving and lots of time for confusion and devastation. But God is faithful. I started a group on Facebook called “Finding Hope in our Journey of Grief” and it is Bible based. The link is above. It has been such a blessing to me!  I enjoy reading, traveling, scrapbooking, pen pals (I’ve had pen pals for 29 years!), baking, etc. I am beyond excited to have been chosen to be a part of the Everything Launch Team!!

Terry Lange

The blog is a way for me to write about various issues and topics that interest me and possibly others who may read. It is an outlet for me to attempt to hone my writing skills. I am a recent graduate of Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Minneapolis (M.A., MDiv.)  The title was chosen because when I started I was and still am relatively unknown.  I am currently looking for a pastorate and I do some speaking on the side (pulpit supply, conferences, etc.) One of these days I need to put together a speaking page and eventually convert my blog away from the to my own site. I enjoy helping others with my gifts and talents and that is why I am glad to have been chosen to be a part of the Everything Launch Team!  I came across Mary while helping with another launch – Michael Hyatt’s Platform. I am glad to be here and hope that I will make a meaningful contribution.

Michele-Lyn Ault

When I was 16 and pregnant, Jesus rescued me. Since then, I have lived for Him. At A Life Surrendered, I hope to bring encouragement when I share my stories of living out my days as wife and homeschooling mama of four, in pursuit of God. Being part of this launch team means sharing a message I am passionate about. I believe in Mary DeMuth’s message. As a fellow struggler, Mary writes in the book, Everything, that in a place of surrender to God, we find freedom to be everything God has intended us to be.

Carolyn King

My blog is about how the Lord stitches my life together for His glory.  I use it to write about how everyday occurrences can and are used for God’s glory, if we let Him.  I’m hoping to make contributions to this group and then to  anyone else that chooses to read Everything later.  From what I have read so far, my blog will  tie in nicely to the content and thoughts that come from the book.

Jennifer Harris

I’m a simple wife and mom with an extraordinary God.  Our journey in recent years has been far from what we ever expected, and yet we know that every step of it was planned by our loving and sovereign Father before the foundation of the world for His glory and for our good!  My heart’s desire is to steward the story He’s given us well.  I blog at Ponderings of an Elect Exile about “Family…Friends…Learning…Books…Music…Photography…Food…And the Ramblings of a Wife and Mom Daily Amazed by the Grace of an Awesome God!”  Mary DeMuth’s writings have had a tremendous impact on my life.   I’ve also had the honor of guest posting on her blog about a subject very dear to my heart: how the church can minister to families touched by abuse.  I am thrilled to be part of this incredibly creative team, and I’m looking forward to a fabulous launch of Everything.  I can’t wait to see how God is going to use this book!

Kristen Hamilton

My blog is focused on connecting passions – helping people identify their passions, spiritual gifts, personality, and equipping them to plug into doing ministry.  In addition, it focuses on faith, spiritual growth, and discipleship topics.  I also have a passion for women’s ministry. I love Jesus.  I’m a wife and mother to three amazing girls.  Before having my girls, I was an Administrative Assistant at our home church, where I enjoyed wearing many hats and was trained to help people plug into ministry in the life of the church.  That was my favorite part of my job.  I had three miscarriages in one year, and then was able to have my girls and stay at home with them.  This began a rollercoaster journey of going through the fire for the next seven years.  From my husband’s brain tumor, to living through Hurricane Katrina, to pregnancy complications and NICU stays.  Now, I have launched a blog and am working on co-authoring my first trade book about spiritual issues surrounding pregnancy loss.  I am so excited to be part of this launch team!  I look forward to being part of something awesome, as I know this book will minister to so many people.  I am learning how to build a platform and love all the aspects and hope to learn more.  I also look forward to meeting more great people here!

MelAnn Morales

I am a lover of Christ and humanity. I am mother to two children both of whom are on the Autism Spectrum. I have naturally been a “life coach” to friends for most of my life. I finally made the decision to do it on a more organized public scale. I am currently working with another amazing woman on a project that encourage women to celebrate who they are whole in Christ and in Self. The Everything embraces the “whole” and so I grew particularly excited as soon as I read just the first few pages and realized that this book is an affirmation and encouragement of something I am passionate about.  I believe in dreams and that we may have suffering here on earth but that doesn’t mean we weren’t meant to live a big life and enjoy life as God created it!  My blog reflects my eclectic interests and passions.

Marcia Francois

I’m a time management coach and speaker and my passion in life is to inspire and empower women to make the most of their time so they can live their lives to the full. I’ve recently written a book, Live Organised, which is available in print and on the Kindle. Nothing on the scale of Mary’s “Everything” 🙂 but I’m hoping I can learn from her for the future.
I’ve been sensing for awhile (over a year now) that God wants to use me more in the area of speaking into Christian women’s lives and I do believe that was confirmed at the recent SheSpeaks conference. I’m a HUGE fan of Mary’s work – both fiction and non-fiction – but more importantly, I just love her heart and I really want to be a blessing to her to help promote her book.

Beth Steffaniak

Messy Marriage strives to be “Real” (willing to humbly and authentically share where we’ve fallen short in life and marriage), “Raw” (unapologetically revealing the harsh realities of our marriages), and “Redemptive” (finding God’s healing purposes in and through our pain). I’ve always been drawn to Mary’s ministry because I feel like it reflects the “redemptive” heartbeat of Messy Marriage. When she selected me to be a part of her Everything Launch Team, I felt honored and blessed to represent her journey to make Christ “everything” in her life, which is a message that I know would challenge and encourage my readers.

 Janet Kawamoto-Hertogh

As a mother, wife, friend, teacher and speaker, I want to support women in SEEING themselves how God sees them, as beautifully and wonderfully made- unique in EVERY way; yet part of a world that is painful, challenging and HOPEfull!
This blog is a venue to share my thoughts about being a Christian Mother, wife, friend and leader in this crazy world and my goal is to encourage, educate and entertain whoever reads it. I am so honored to be in this group! I look forward from learning from Mary and you all- as I have had a dream to write and publish a book before I’m 50!
I also hope that as a group we can come up with creative ideas to support Mary’s book and launch it out of this world!!!

David Andrews

David Andrews writes for Poetry in Motion.  His writing is an expression of his faith in a world full of paradox. David has just published his first poetry book Beautiful Mystery. David is married with three sons and lives in Wellington, New Zealand. I’m looking forward to being part of this group and helping promote Mary’s book down under!

Wendy Dougas

I am wife and momma to four incredible guys who I love madly. I am also passionate about sharing Jesus with kids and volunteer in our children’s ministry. My blog – Saved Sister – is where I share my heart on a page writing about my faith, marriage, mothering, and children’s ministry. All of which shape my world. I am so blessed to be part of this team. One because I believe that the message of this book that Mary  has written is one that everyone should hear. And also the opportunity to get to know everyone on the team.

Stephanie Jones

(I am the only one of you without a website or blog it appears) WOW! I am  humbled by the company I am in! You all are amazing people. I am not sure how I made this cut! I am a mother of three, Glamma of three, wife, and sojourner along this path with Christ. I am almost a certified Life Purpose Coach and a full-time student at Liberty University Online. My home is now shared by two women who are former addicts and had no where to go to begin life again. What a blessing that has been. My youngest son (and my husband, as it turns out) has Asperger’s and has kept my last 15 years very challenging. I LOVE talking with people – all people – no matter where I am. I guess my blog is live and in person…haha. Being a part of this launch team is absolutely a thrill. I met Mary at a She Speaks conference last summer and felt connected to her by her own story. I have since read everything she has written and shared her work with more people than i even thought I knew. I cannot wait to share Everything with everyone! God continues to use this precious woman to change lives and point us to our Savior.

Robyn Rochelle Eubanks

I am a romantic. I believe in Story: Plot, Character, Conflict, Climax and Resolution. I am enjoying the story of my life with the Lover of my Soul. Wanna join me? – Moved 39 times, single with 3 children at 30, returned to University and earned a BA in Education. In 2006, completely content in my career, home, family, and church – God turned me upside down and planted me on the European mission field. I live in the very far south westerly corner of Germany, fifteen minutes from France and twenty from Switzerland. My blog: simply about mutating in the hands of the Great Immutable God. Writing Workshop: Entering the world of writing – Fighting the fear and giving freedom to become the writer hidden within. I’m a reading/writing specialist and a Writing Workshop Trainer turned Missionary. If you are a new writer and need a place to write unencumbered… contact me at the above writing blog. I want to help Mary. I met her in a writing guild in Dallas before she left for France. She has been an encouraging word more than once on this walk as missionary. Her writing is hummmm ToP NoTCH! and I have read all but one of her books. I can honestly say, I like her. She helps people. I believe her heart for encouraging people is a gift given straight from the heart of our EVERYTHING!

Pilar V. Arsenec

I am a legal secretary by day and a writer by night.  I am passionate about Jesus, my family, books, music, food and travelling.  I mostly blog about books and encourage others in the faith.  I love everything Mary DeMuth writes.  She has taught me a great deal on so many levels.  So blessed to be part of her launch team.  I totally believe in the message of her book, Everything and support her 100%.

Rita A. Schulte

I’m a licensed professional counselor, author and host of Heartline Podcast. I also do a 1 minute devotional spot called Consider This. We air on several stations now. Mary was a guest on my show and she is amazing. I am so excited about being part of this team and learning from Mary and all of the other awesome people that have been chosen. I can’t wait to get into the book! My blog is at   To hear my interview with Mary visit Mary DeMuth

Alise Wright

Laura L. Smith

I write books about and for young women facing issues too difficult to tackle alone – issues that can only be overcome through Christ who gives us strength. My books; Skinny, Hot and Angry (all with NavPress) revolve around young women battling personal struggles such as; eating disorders, sexual purity, divorce, date rape and abuse. My YA fiction reveals God’s powerful, loving kindness, and illustrates how His love can guide us out of our darkest tunnels. My blogs deal with faith, positive self-image, inner beauty, coffee, chocolate, traveling, chasing  your dreams and using your God given talents to glorify Him. I applied to be on the launch team, because Mary’s words always inspire me. What I’ve discovered already, is another blessing that I had not expected. In addition to  the inspiration from the book, Everything,, I’m overwhelmed by the blessings from the FB page! Mary’s frequent posts to the team, and from the team itself – are all onee giant bouquet of positive, faith-filled energy.

Mark E. Randall

I’m a missionary with Athletes In Action in Rochester, NY. Became a follower of Christ when a student from Duke University shared the 4 Spiritual Laws with me during spring break (March 11th, 1987). Married for almost 20 years and have two sons. With my millionaire blog, I’m slowly building a platform related to helping people become truly rich. I read an advance copy of Everything and am excited to help Mary with this launch!

Jean Wise

So happy to be part of this group.  I was excited to read everyone’s comment on the facebook page.  Sorry to be late: we were traveling last week. I blog four time a week about faith and growing closer to God. Am every passionate about prayer and look forward to participating with everyone.

Helen Washington

My blog is called A Work of Heart. God has made each one of us a work of art.  When we come to know Him, His life-giving Spirit creates a work of heart.  My pursuit is to provide encouragement through the Word and my  life experience to embrace others and proclaim they are not alone in the ups and downs of life. I sit shoulder to shoulder with others in the trenches. God has been teaching me to see the spiritual in the simple things of life. Whether it is a photo I snap, a conversation with one of my children or spending time in His creation, I pay attention so I can communicate His tender care and majestic glory to others. Seeing and knowing God is a blast! I am excited and honored to be a part of the book launch team for Everything. Mary has an amazing gift of connecting with others and sharing her vulnerabilities and victories in an authentic way. There are so many ways  life can derail and distract from giving everything to God and receiving everything from the Giver of Life, I am looking forward to deepening my friendship with God through Everything.

Nancy Kay Grace

My blog is ‘GraceNotes’ where I write about seeing God’s God’s grace in everyday situations. ‘GraceNotes’ is also an e-devotional sent about once a month; you can sign up for on my website. Currently I am writing my first book, “Bold Faith” which is about stepping out of your comfort zone as you believe in Jesus and his teachings on self esteem, grace and serving Him. Facebook: Fan page:  and personal page: twitter: @nancykaygrace and Linked In. I am humbled to be a part of this team. I met Mary at a conference when she was writing “Beautiful Battle.” I read it recently, and heartily agree with her thoughts on a difficult subject.  I look forward to reading “Everything” to grow more, and spread the word about it.

Laura Hoevener

I am the author of Adventures Around Cincinnati: A Parent’s Guide to Unique and Memorable Places to explore with your Kids. My co-author, Terri Weeks, and I have visited over 80 places within two hours of Cincinnati and collected them in this book to give parents tools and encouragement to create traditions and memories with their kids. We share mom and kid tested tips throughout the book to give parents all the information they need before they arrive. We are publishing an excerpt of our book called, Adventures Around You, which supplies parents with memory-making tips and encouragement to explore their own town, in any location in the world. I saw Mary at a Hearts at Home conference a few years ago. I’ve started reading the book and I’m loving it. I have already gained so much from what I’ve already read, I can’t wait to learn more and be able to pass along recommendations to everyone about Everything!

Melissa K. Norris

Inspiring faith and home by your pioneer roots. Deepen your relationship with Christ and offer your family the wholesomeness of yesteryear today. We don’t need anything more or new to find God. He is there when we stop to listen. I share how to find God while offering your family a healthier and simpler way of cooking, gardening, and saving money. I look forward to learning from other people who want to give Jesus their everything. I can’t wait to see what He will do with our everything.

Rachel Wojnarowski

Reader, Writer, Speaker, Dreamer. I am originally a small town country girl who converted to a suburban mother of seven by way of life happening.    My husband and I, enjoy caring for our busy family, whose ages span 9 months to 21 years and includes a special needs daughter.  I lead community ladies’ Bible studies in central Ohio and serves as an event planner and speaker for special needs parenting groups.  I’m a member of the Ohio Writers’ Guild and the National MPS Society; and I love to inspire others to live extraordinary faith every day.  You can find me on Twitter and Facebook.

Mari-Anna Frangén Stålnacke

“I am a joyful pilgrim and Christ follower, a happy wife and mom, a passionate writer/teacher/speaker with a Doctorate in Theology and a Finnish passport.

My calling is to talk of God so that everyone might know the love of God, receive the grace of Christ, and live in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

That’s precisely why I am excited to be part of the “Everything” launch team: the book has all those three elements in it and so much more. Also there’s no greater privilege than to be a megaphone for God’s kingdom. True happiness is only found when Jesus becomes our everything.”

Jo Ann Fore

I’m honored to host the vibrant virtual community, Write Where It Hurts, <> where women gather for support, encouragement, and inspiring practical tools to help them live joyful, purpose-filled lives. Each month thousands of women join together, in this safe place, to swap stories with an awesome team of Jesus-loving writers who long to be agents of hope to a hurting world. I’m thrilled to now join a team of like-minded folks who are excited to launch Everything; I love connecting with others. Mary DeMuth has long served my mentor, often completely unaware to her. I’ve watched her live out the words she pens. Early on, Mary played a pivotal role in my own healing journey as she spoke into the places that I didn’t always allow others to see. It was when she shared her story that I found the courage to tell mine. Mary writes in Everything, “We grow when life steals our control,” and she models that beautifully. That’s something I can’t wait to share!

Jennifer White

Sarah Comley Caldwell
I blog at All Manner of Inspiration – A Life Mosaic. I love to share moments, experiences and things that inspire me and I hope will inspire others. I have been a fan and reader of Mary’s blog since finding her work through Incourage. I love her heart and her writing voice, and the moment I heard about “Everything”, I knew this was a book I needed to read, and more importantly, I wanted to be a part of the team that helped get this book into as many hands and hearts as possible!

Kelly Williams Hale

I am an encourager! My blog’s purpose is to share God’s grace, hope and forgiveness with women. Specifically, women who have endured heartache, made bad decisions or are struggling as single moms. God has a plan for all of us. And he offers forgiveness and love. Not too long ago, I was one of those women who needed encouragement. A former single mom, I learned many valuable lessons – often the hard way! I am thrilled to be part of the “EVERYTHING” book launch as a way to support Mary and her vision. And also, as a way to connect with other women (and men!) – to witness how God is working around the globe. I love the sense of community, collaborating and sharing I have already found within this group.

Melissa Mashburn

A woman who is passionately pursuing God every day by taking her everyday, ordinary life and placing it as an offering to Him. Daughter of the King, wife, mom, writer, speaker, and Pastor’s wife. Married to Matt, my best friend in the world, for almost 20 years and have two very handsome teenage sons, Nick & Bailey. When I am not running around wearing the many hats that God has given me I like to sit in my favorite comfy chair in our Quiet Room and relax with a great book (or two) and thank Him for this beautiful crazy life I lead.

My passion is to lead women “keep It real” in their lives and ministries.  Founder of Mel’s World Ministry where we talk about what it looks like to live our Romans 12:2 daily as Real Women, Real Life, Real Faith in action.