Everything Changed Them

Many readers have shared how Everything has changed them. Here’s a sampling. If you’ve been changed, click the button below to contact Mary and share your story.


One reader sent me this picture of how much his copy of Everything had been dog-eared. This is a visual hug!


Shannon wrote: “I just started reading chapter ten of “Everything” and your words flood my soul. Your childhood mirrors mine in so many ways and reading your words has had a way of releasing something inside of me I never knew existed until now. As tears roll down my face, I can feel God embracing my wounded heart like never before. Thank you for finding the strength and courage to share your story with others. Your words are a blessing to me and I just wanted you to know that


Anonymous wrote: “I picked up a copy of Everything today at family christian stores. I am single mom of five and a full time student and life has been such a struggle and I have experienced so much loss and continuing to lose. I walked in looking for a book to read along with my bible to inspire hope and real change. a book to inspire and lead me to a freshness with God. And so this beautiful blue book caught my eye and the title Everything sold me.I thumbed through the book and saw chapter 10 choose to heal. I knew that i would use my store credit to purchase this book. i need to heal from abuse from my mother, from my husband who died and left me with five kids to raise . So much to heal from.”


Melanie wrote, “At first I thought the upbeat and hopeful tone I encountered was unsustainable. I didn’t really believe it was possible to live uncaged. I thought you might have been just really good at writing something that looked good on paper but was unattainable in real life. I wanted to wince at your talk of loving Jesus; your enthusiasm made me uncomfortable.

But, Mary, you write from the heart and that is what touches. You write from experience. You testify to lived truth and I found that compelling. I found the book challenging on lots of levels but gently so, as if you were holding my hand while giving tough words. Your gentleness led me into a deeper trust, helped me begin to trust again.

For nearly six years I’ve been praying to God I haven’t trusted as far as I could spit. Tentatively, I am releasing into that childlike faith again. And things are shifting, subtly, but significantly. I feel hopeful, I feel content, I am enabled to wait on the Lord.

Be encouraged that though you bleed onto the page and make yourself vulnerable in terrifying ways (to me, anyway), God has blessed me with your words and you have been part of my path back into relationship with Christ.”


Lynn wrote: “Wow! Where to begin. Everything has brought me to my knees in several areas; letting go and letting God be in control, stepping away from some toxic relationships, setting aside worry over my future. All of these areas are intertwined with each other so to give one to God I have to give them all to Him. God has shown Himself to be faithful and very patient with me through this process.”


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