Why Mary Wrote Everything

If you want to see Mary talk about the whys of Everything, watch the short video above, shot in the studio of 100 Huntley Street.

From Mary:

I laugh when I realize I’m the author of Everything. It sounds like I’m either presumptuous or very, very tired. The truth is, this book wasn’t easy to write. God grabbed trials, heartache, joys, victories, confusions, and questions and threw them all into a pot that was me. He stirred. A lot. And as I walked through all of it, I learned some secrets along the way—about how to grow like crazy when life perplexed.

I’m a mess like you (though you’re probably much less messy!). I truly want Jesus to be my everything, but some days I try to be my own everything. I forget God’s strength shines best when I feel small and weak. And I bootstrap myself more than I’d like to admit.

This book is my journey through growth, some victories won, some trials failed. It’s honest. So honest. My prayer is that I’ll fade into the background of the words, and that Jesus will shine like a beacon between the lines.

But my biggest hope is this: that you will grow, that when you read the last words, Jesus will have the last word with you. I want you to finish the book with your walking shoes on, ready to journey with Jesus. I hope you love Him more, lay down more of your control, and find Him to be the answer to every need you have.