A checklist for sexual abuse victims

Not Marked

Today I’m posting a helpful checklist for sexual abuse survivors about the effects of sexual abuse on your life today. (Whew, that was a long sentence). Find the checklist at Deeper Church.

Here’s a snippet:

In Your Sexual Relationship:

•    You are afraid to have sex. In fact, if sex were suddenly erased from planet earth, you would throw a party.
•    You can’t have sex—it hurts or it doesn’t work right.
•    You feel guilty for not being “enough” for your spouse, but have no idea how to heal in this area enough to want sex. It’s more duty than joy.
•    You resent your spouse for needing sex.

Find out how sexual abuse also affects your emotional health, relationships, daily life, identity, and your health.

If you’d like to do something tangible to help sexual abuse victims heal, check out my crowdfunding site here for Not Marked.


  • Ayla

    Thank you seems so inadequate to express my gratitude for this list. It comes at such an appropriate time, as God always does, when I’m in the midst of writing my inventory through celebrate recoverys step study and needing to write down the impact the childhood abuse has had on my life-much more than I ever realized before going through my inventory and this list has helped me so much in the process. I can relate to so, so many of these but the one that God has recently revealed over the past few weeks is the “large events push you back….” one. God is showing me that my anger, emotional instability, fear and anxiety started to surface and become out of control back in 2011 when I was pregnant with my second, and had found out I was having a girl. Almost 2 years later I see how from that point on I was on a downward spiral, almost into a state of unconsciousness and am just now waking up, if that makes sense?

    Oh Mary thank you friend. You have been so instrumental in my healing process and I am so glad you took the risk, in spite of your fear. God is already transforming lives because you did, and it isn’t even published yet. PRAISE GOD!

    Love you Sister.