Heal from the past

When God Rewrites Your Story


Today I’m grateful for Meadow Rue Merrill who shares a story so achingly beautiful I devoured her book in one sitting. You really ought to pick it up. Here it is: Today Meadow gives us a glimpse into her family’s life as they adopted little Ruth. Meadow’s Story: The day we adopted our daughter Ruth […]

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Vote on your favorite banner


I’m excited to announce that the second annual Restory Conference will happen Saturday, September 16th from 9 am – 1 pm at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, Texas. I would love to see you there! Registration is not yet open, but watch here for details. This is the Restory Conference 2.0, and the focus will […]

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2017 Lenten Journey


The past few years, I’ve created an art piece every day during Lent. It was my way of creatively focusing on Jesus in the days up until Easter. My husband and I host a Seder meal at the culmination of our collective Lenten journeys, and it’s full of rich imagery and amazing fellowship. Originally I […]

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Wife, Receive that Compliment


“You’re beautiful,” my husband Patrick told me. But I didn’t believe him. Wouldn’t believe him is more like the truth. That simple exchange of compliment and deflection ate away at our marriage like lymphoma. After faithfully sharing those words for months, I noticed my husband’s silence. We had one of those talks—the hard ones where […]

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Is Your Burnout Compensation for a Parent’s Lack of Love?


One of my favorite authors is Mark Buchanan. In a recent blog post, he shared about the life of Eustace Conway (a review of the book The Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilbert.) Conway lived an amazing life, and he produced and accomplished much. But this quote stopped me: “In many ways, he’s accomplished so […]

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Not All Men (thankfully) are like James, Jerry and Pat


Some painful memories are resurfacing this week as I once again attempt to close the book on a very difficult story when I was a little girl. It’s been beautifully excruciating, if that makes any sense. But smack dab in the middle of this God-ordained journey came a man’s lewd comments that left me spinning. […]

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Restory Recap


Honestly, I don’t know how to summarize Restory. I’m still a bit numb afterwards. This usually happens to me after a big event–I get sick and numb. And I am both today as I write this. When I pour myself out, I have little left in the aftermath. My dear family tells me to rest, […]

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10 Ways to Spot Spiritual Abuse


This topic has been ricocheting in my heart and head many years. I’ve noticed a greater influx of reader email and Facebook conversations about this topic, so much so that I felt it would be wise to address it again. (I wrote this post five ago, and I’ve updated it to give you more resources.) […]

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How to Heal from the Past (video)

mary copy 2

Don’t mind the crazed face of me! Above is my first FB live video about healing from the past. There are three things you need to do–practical things. I pray this blesses you! It’s only 12 minutes long… And if you’re wanting to supercharge your healing, grab a ticket to the Restory Conference (held September […]

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Register now for the Restory Conference


Hi friends! The Restory Conference is going to happen! I’m so excited. I’ve been praying and asking for direction as I work through my messages. There are going to be a few surprises. Here are the latest details: Saturday, September 17th, 9-1 At Pier 419 at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, TX No lunch served, […]

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