Heal from the past

13 Traits of Predatory People


When we’re children, it’s nearly impossible for us to discern predators. They tend to be kind and interested in us. They’re experts at grooming. And when we’re in the throes of their abuse, it’s hard to even realize we’re being preyed upon. It’s often in retrospect that we can clearly see what they did and […]

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Today I Wish I Didn’t Have This Story


So this afternoon on a lazy Sunday, I was so tired after putting on a graduation party for our youngest yesterday, going to church today, then accompanying my girls on a quick outing, that all I wanted to do was take a nap. I turned on a show about justice. (First rookie move). It’s called […]

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A Huge Risk


It’s not in my nature to do this. I don’t often step out on my own, at least not in this way. Especially when we’re still dealing with my husband’s job loss–seems like a strange, counterintuitive time to start a ministry. Except that God’s been stirring these days. Actually, last summer it all started when […]

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You Don’t Have to Be a Good Little Girl Anymore


I recently took a walk in our local park just as the leaves were starting to emerge. I looked up, then felt that familiar pang that God was trying to say something to me. I remembered those teenagers when I was five. And for once I didn’t remember what they did. I remembered what I […]

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Hurting? Find someone to Encourage


Last week I had one of those DAYS. A day where circumstances went zonkers and my fragile heart (from our circumstances of late) nearly broke. In that moment, I remembered the advice of someone, somewhere on the Internet. May have been a meme. Might have seen it on Instagram. I’m not sure. But it went […]

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To You who Shames Yourself


They sat across from me at lunch, two dear friends. And one said something like, “I don’t know anyone else who is harder on herself than you are.” She shook her head, and my other friend nodded. I could see they hurt for me, that it hurt them that I hurt myself with internal shaming […]

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A Prayer for the Worried


“Worry weighs a person down.” Proverbs 12:25a What a perfect verse for this time of year where nerves are frazzled, money is scarce, and relationships are stretched to the max. I thought you might enjoy a prayer to pray over your worries today. Just say these words out loud, believing that your good God loves […]

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The Sexy Wife I Cannot Be


(I recently found out this post is no longer available on the site I originally wrote it for, so I’m posting it here for the sake of those who need it. This post is the impetus for writing Not Marked: Finding Hope and Healing after Sexual Abuse. And it is birthed in pain and reality, […]

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Your Silence Hurts Others


I’ve had the sad privilege of walking alongside some friends who are battling in some significant relationships. They teeter on the edge of breakup mainly because the other party will not tell an honest story and their painful past has caught up with them. So many of us believe the lie that if we hide […]

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Why Strawberry Ice Cream Makes Me Cry


When I was a little girl, before my father died, he would take me every other weekend. Several memories stand out. We would go to the Wise Penny in the University District and look for thrifty finds. He would let me “shop” in his basement where I “bought” (er, stole!) artifacts from the landlady’s boxes, […]

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