Heal from the past

I was raped, now I hate sex. Now what?

I received this email from someone struggling with sex after rape:

When I was in my twenties, I was gang raped by 6 men. I started counseling but stopped. I felt that unless the counselor had ever been raped, how could she possibly understand what I was feeling or how to help me?

I thought I could deal with it on my own. I started drinking every chance I got, going out to bars and clubs, getting into fist fights with both men and women. I drank every chance I got and…

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Far from Jesus?

This week I wrote about my anger with God. It’s pretty darn honest. And I continue to work through my frustration. I certainly haven’t arrived at a pretty conclusion yet, but I do know this truth: God is good. Whether I feel He is or not. Whether my circumstances dictate otherwise (in my mind).

Which goes to show this is a battle of the mind, isn’t it? And the heart.

In my anger, I’ve distanced myself from Jesus. And yet He so gently leads me back, closer to Him through compassion, through…

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Win The #DayIMetJesus and read it before it’s released!

Baker Books has five ARCs they’d like YOU to have. What is an ARC? It’s an Advance Readers Copy of the book. It looks like the book, though it’s not in its exact final form. They send these copies to places like Publisher’s Weekly so we can get reviews by the time the book’s released on March 3rd.

How would you like an ARC?

Simply comment on this post telling briefly about the day YOU met Jesus, along with your email address written extended like this: Name @ Website.com. Random.org will pick the five winners, and I’ll…

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A book can save a life…

I received this correspondence by surprise, and got permission to share it with you. Now, this has to do with my first published book, Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God, but it could have just as easily been a letter I’d written or a blog post. What I mean by that is your words matter in this world.

If you’re a writer, fight against discouragement. Save letters like this to remind you that words are powerful, and the more we wield generous ones, the more lives we’ll see moved and changed.

Writer friend, don’t give up.

Hi Mary,
Facebook says…

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Which Poop Cover?

Thanks for voting yesterday on the cover choices for Live Uncaged. (If you haven’t click here and let me know what you think).

This will be the new giveaway on my site (the freebie I give to people who sign up for my ezine list). I know some of you might not enjoy the poop concept, but I think it shows exactly how we feel after someone has hurt us deeply. Anyway, with that in mind, please vote on your favorite.






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When You Don’t Want to Exist Anymore

I received this from a reader last month. Have you ever felt this way?

Ever just not want to exist for a while? I’m by no means suicidal. I love life… but I haven’t seen good days. I feel so guilty. I feel like I’m hurting so many because I have so much rage inside. I see a counselor but I’m an introvert and awful with conversations so I can’t explain myself good enough. I have so many passions. I want to do foreign and urban missions. I want to help rescue girls in…

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Tree Limbs is FREE the next five days. Snag your copy.

First off, the cover is brand new, designed by Christy McFerren of Thoughtful Revolution. What do you think? I have a huge crush on it.

I’m so excited to offer a FREE Black Friday special that’ll creep all the way to Cyber Monday and finish on Tuesday, but I need your help. I want as many people as possible to download Watching the Tree Limbs. It’s about God’s redemptive hand in the midst of sexual abuse. Click the tweet buttons below to spread the word!

Publisher’s Weekly gave Watching the Tree Limbs this review:

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From my broken heart

Sometimes I wonder if brokenness can ever be complete? Because there are days when I feel like I can’t be broken any further, only to have another branch of me snap in two and fall to the earth. Do you relate?

I remember what J. Scott Horrell shared with Patrick DeMuth and I after we returned from France. We were broken beyond what I thought I could endure. His words salved me. He said, “Nothing significant in the kingdom of God happens unless death occurs.”

So when you snap in two (again) and you wonder aloud why…

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When It’s Hard to Call God Father

Emily Wierenga has agreed to give 3 copies of her book Atlas Girl to one commenter on this post (one physical, two ebooks), so comment away, and perhaps you’ll win one! This is a beautiful post by Emily. I pray it blesses you. (Oh I know the heartache of learning to understand God as father.)

I was the little girl in the mushroom cut and the flannel nightgown waiting by the door for Dad to come home from visiting the parishioners.

He would smell of tea when he finally came, would drop his briefcase…

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You: A Gutsy Former Victim

You usually don’t realize you’re being abused or maligned until you step out from underneath oppression. And when you breathe that fresh, amazing air of freedom, you begin to reconstruct the story you had told yourself, where you were bad, full of sin, and deserved such treatment.

You now remember conversations with better clarity, and you no longer view yourself as the One Who Always Messed Up. Instead, you see patterns of abuse and unfair accusation. You remember how small you felt, how you never measured up. You mourn your PTSD. You beg Jesus to help…

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