Family Uncaged

how to uncage your whole family

Her Grit Inspires Me


My daughter Julia is my hero. She fought back. She logged 700 volunteer hours to get to this place. And I couldn’t be more proud. Last year, she schooled at home, but last summer she decided to return to Rockwall High School. Though the culinary arts program was filled, I took a chance and contacted […]

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What Every Christian Needs to Know about Passover


Every year, my husband Patrick and I lead a Passover Seder with several friends. It’s been one of the highlights of our year, and we’ve so enjoyed walking through the ceremony. I’m so grateful to have my friend Rabbi Evan Moffic on the blog today to share a unique (and accurate) perspective on Passover. … […]

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Happy Birthday, Aidan!


Nineteen years ago, the day after my own birthday, you yawled your way into the world with those big, brown eyes, clear heart, and the wide wonder of childhood. You chased your sister once you could crawl, then walk, then run. And then you reluctantly welcomed another sister when she took your place as the […]

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Happy 24th Anniversary!


24 years ago today, Patrick and I started a very amazing adventure together. As a tribute, here are twenty-four facts about us. (Patrick, I love you. I’m humbled you chose me to be your wife. Your humor brightens my darkest days, and your constant reliability, affection, and heart for Jesus continue to inspire me. Thank […]

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22 Reasons She is Lovely: the Happy Birthday Sophie edition


She cried her way into Christmas Eve, one week early as usual, twenty-two years ago today. And I’m so very grateful to a merciful God who demonstrated such mercy in the person of my daughter. She is mercy. She is joy. She is lovely. Let me count the ways: She makes faces. One thousand of […]

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Our Crazy Fun Remodel (with pictures!)

downstairs remodel

So we did this remodel in the month of June (which started, actually, in May, and ended a few weeks in to July). Yep, smack dab in the middle of my “sabbatical.” We’ve been wanting to replace our very smelly, dirty carpet for some time, but always felt like we couldn’t afford it. But after […]

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Why Our Kids Date (and don’t court)


Recently, my friend Thomas Umstattd of Author Media (who built this website) posted about Courting. It’s definitely worth a read. “Why Courtship is Fundamentally Flawed.” I’ve long pondered this idea, particularly after I Kissed Dating Goodbye hit the bookshelves so many years ago. Something about it made me uncomfortable. Not that I didn’t want to […]

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Sweet Sixteen, dear Julia


My dear, sweet, smart, empathetic girl is sixteen on the 16th, and I’m so wonderfully proud of the person she’s becoming. Some of you know our scare with her in the aftermath of my trip to Haiti a little over a year ago. I’m happy to report she’s doing amazing, just finished her sophomore year […]

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Aidan’s senior prom!


Here’s a collection of pictures from my son’s senior prom. They did things differently and took the light rail to the prom (instead of a limo). There are a few pics thrown in with me, my hubby and our youngest daughter Julia.

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This is an amazing story, friends


I asked Laura Haines to tell her story here because it so beautifully represents redemption and how much Jesus can heal us. I pray it blesses you. … “God can’t use a redemptive story that you’re not willing to tell.” ~ Kaci Calvaresi I happened upon these words recently. They struck me and have stuck […]

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